The Steem fountain

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In this opportunity I felt inspired by the theme of my last drawing, so it occurred to me to capture my idea of a steem fountain. Which has codes falling like water, this to give the illusion of a virtual fountain. I also wanted to give life to my drawing by adding a little boy arrogating his coin, about to ask for his wish.

Here I show you the final product of my work:


Step by step

The first thing I did was put my idea on a sheet of paper.

I started to give some color to the fountain using different warm tones, to give more texture and realism.

I continued to add shading and some light to the fountain, as well as some special details, such as the steem coin logo.

I worked in the sky and on the ground, I continued to color the little boy, I also added some bushes to give life to my drawing. Finally I added codes to the fountain to give the illusion of falling water.

Hoping that you liked my work, any comment or suggestion I do not hesitate to do so, grateful for the support received, I say goodbye until next time.


A lovely concept! Steem on!

Thank you! ;)

WOW! This reminded me of Sukhadiya Circle at Udaipur:

Your post was upvoted by the @art-venture account after manual review and included in Art-Venture magazine. The upvote and support of Art-venture magazine would greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!

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