Anne: The Fruit Fairy

in ntopaz •  3 months ago  (edited)
In this occasion I dedicated myself to create this beautiful and magical painting, as I mentioned before, one of the things I like most and enjoy painting are the faces of women, but to give a touch of fantasy that I like so much, I made a kind of fairy with grapes that come out of their beautiful red hair. I used colored pencils and some paintings as well to create my drawing. I hope you like it!

Here I show you the final product of my work:


Step by step

Hoping that you liked my work, any comment or suggestion I do not hesitate to do so, grateful for the support received, I say goodbye until next time.

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Beautiful work. Congratulations.

Thank you!! I really appreciate it. ;)


Es una hermosa hada, me gusta mucho todo el brillo que le das al final y el contrate que hace con el fondo oscuro.

Muchas gracias por notar esos detalles. :)