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A little needed info about this video before continuing...

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This was an image I posted a while back,... and one I really liked. It was sad and heart felt.... it needed to be animated. here is how it was made, plus the old back story I posted with the original image:

It took two hundred years to build Hollow's End from a small village, to the walled city that once stood between the Azaira Mountains and the open sea. It only took the dragons three hours to bring the city to its knees. Every man, woman, and child of Hollow's End lost to the liquid fires of Asterath and his clan,... its outer walls melted, its innards reduced to mere ash upon the wind. Only Sharia survived the carnage, as she watched everyone she had ever known or loved die screaming before her eyes. May whatever gods the dragons worship have mercy on their scaly hides, for Sharia has none left to offer. There shall soon come a reckoning for Hollow's End.... One delivered coldly by a rage filled heart, as Sharia plunges her spear deep within the breast of the last dragon left in all the three kingdoms. It may not bring her peace, nor remove the images of devastation from her dreams... but, perhaps it will save another child from facing the horrors of dragon fire. For this, she would do what she must.

I always like to put a story to my images. If anyone reads this, perhaps you will add the next paragraph to the story? I think that would be pretty cool. Anyway, here is the breakdown of: "The Fall Of Hollow's End."

I wanted to create a portrait, so I started playing around with a 3D character. I wanted real emotion, loss, pain.... I played for quite a bit, and there it was. The pose (and stage) was set.



As you can see, I wasn't happy with the outfit, so with a bit of time, I finally got the image I wanted. I then took the render into my image editor and started to paint around it. Just,... the colour wasn't working for me... I needed mood. So, black and white with silver, grey, and black paint..... Yeah,... that's the mood.


I add a tear here, a dragon image within the moon there, a few buildings, a little smoke, some ash, and bang.... nailed it. lol. At least I think I did. Here is a giff of the process.


And as always, here is the final image. Thanks for looking, and if you want, let me see some stories develop in the comment section. Never know,... might be fun. Have a great day!


Deciding to animate the image, I sent it to my tablet where I animated it using an App called,Pixaloop, in order to move the clouds and add a few effects. I then created a short 2 second animated and exported the small limited version to my computer. I then used a converter to increase the size of the film to 1080 Res. Once done, I put the film into my video editor and duplicated the clip several times, lining up the animations to eliminate seams. I then added in music and a few sound effects that I got from ProductionCrate:

No Copyright/Royalty FREE SFX Provided By ProductionCrate:

The whole process took several days, but I really like how it came out.

And there you have it. Hope you like the image, and thanks for looking. Have a great day!

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Thanks for looking, comments are always welcome, and have a great day!

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