A Sketch for a Singularity Painting: Art & Crypto

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ntopaz-image-0My new sketch for a Singularity painting.

The full image thus far:

Just the other day I was bemoaning not having focus.

And having set out this week to take my #inktober sketches into more graphic form to place on things for sale, here I have derailed myself, per usual, with a sketch for a larger digital oil painting in my Singularity series.

In fairness to myself, I did have a good sit down and discuss this scattered focus.

We decided, that is to say me and myself, that surely the graphic and decorative pieces of black and white and animals in colour are important and will be my main focus.

However, I have decided that working on one Singularity piece for whatever time it takes to make it appear is what I shall do. I cannot escape this desire to make these pieces and seeing them as a separate animal to my normal daily artwork allows me to obsess and mess about with them longer.

I am also trying to decide how best to present the Singularity pieces when done.

I am thinking that making them on the block chain for sale in Ethereum or whatever cryptocoin associated with said blockchain connection might be smart.

I could offer them in limited number ,say 10, on the blockchain. And then possibly offer ONE piece printed on canvas with some added 'real life' oil as the final 1/1 piece.

As we move into the digital world, we artists, there is always the conundrum of scarcity and presentation.

Things made digitally are still as much work, at least for me anyway, but having the ability to have endless copies is great when one considers it as 'graphic art' and 'design', but when the that tricky beats of FINE ART arises, one is left scratching their head.

Is Fine Art still Fine when scarcity no longer exists?

Who can say? Surely there are better mines to contemplate this query.

For me, I am happy creating digitally for my main group of work in the decorative. I love to play about with things made and have them repurposed and manipulated by me. However, there is something about my Singularity series that makes me want to treat it differently. As if I want to revere it in a new way that is very much part of our digital world but has a feeling of the old.

It would seem silly to only consider the Singularity series in old world media when it's very subject matter addresses man and machines convergence.

And maybe that is why I am trying to think of a "new" way in which to present it and have it 'out in the world for sale'.

Well, here we are: Another day, another sketch, another quandary to contemplate in our ever growing digital lives.

  • When the Singularity comes, where shall we all be in it? And what role shall art play? And, will it be for US to decide?

If you feel so inclined please upvote, resteem, and by all means comment below.

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Love your dogs.. and now butterflies too :)

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Thanks @axeman, yes I've used butterflies before in my Singularity. I love the symbolism as they represent the human soul, so since I'm playing with the question of humanity and machine after the Singularity, I kind of love them as a motiff in these works.

If I would get to work and get my site back up, my Singularity pieces thus far would be viewable for comparrison. So many things to do this year :/

Wonderful quandary to have Donna. Love ready how you are working through all these most challenging and very on the pulse issues. FABULOUS drawing. Very stately and love the butterflies.

She reminds me a little of Wendy Whiteley, who you may not know as she's an Aussie and mostly known for being the wife of Brett Whitely. But for me she's one of the best living artists in Oz with the garden she has and continues to create. https://www.wendyssecretgarden.org.au/


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⚖️ S H I N E ⚖️ Y O U R ⚖️ L I G H T ⚖️


Wow, thank you @allyinspirit for giving the link to that OZ artists, I did not know about her AND I LOVE gardens. I am obsessed with gardening and I've always had in the back of my mind how I'd love to document and include online, somehow, the making over of my gardens here. Sometimes life gives you little signs to follow your thoughts and ideas. :)

Love the look on this little doggies face. So so cute. The butterflies are so gentle and peaceful. I feel good just looking at your depiction of them.. as if they were real and alive. As always, your details are terrific! I like to spend time looking for the small details like the beads in her hand or the wood work of the chair.

As for the digital art.. I find that I enjoy it differently than tangible works. I also spend an equivalent amount of time and creative energy bringing it from inspiration to completion. I appreciate your incite on the topic!