A particle of soul, heart, moments of life 🌾

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4ntopaz-image-5ntopaz-image-6ntopaz-image-7A particle of soul, heart, moments of life 🌾

My question is ripe
What do you think is my talent or just diligence + patience (and of course the years at my favorite art school)?
Although of course not everyone who goes there can create something like that
In general, I am so grateful to my mother for the fact that during the period of my youthful jumps she did not let me quit the artwork, but I really wanted to)


You are very talented @daio, I am glad that your mother was by your side and never allowed you to abandon art and I help you in the process of shaping your talent.

Nice painting. ;)

many thanks friend))
Yes, my mother supported me and did not let me leave the art school.

Well, we should be grateful to her because now thanks to the support of your mother we can enjoy your art. <3 <3 <3

And I never understood as a talented person like you and that you were also in an art school and now some morons want to come and overshadow your talent in steemit, but do not leave, go ahead with your works. ;)

oh, how nice it is)
morons - hahahahah) yeees)

Cool 😊 not stop what you do... art makes as all happy 😊👌🌟

thank you) ok 👌yeeees 😊

You are welcome :)

Jaguars beware.
There be dragons here.

I see that this painting had quite the birth process.

Ягуары должны быть осторожны.
Здесь есть драконы.

I am the dragon)

Another dragon lady, eh? Do you guard a treasure?


I like dragons :-)

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