NeedleWorkMonday - Sewing for a Cause - Part 1

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Last month I shared that my friend is again fighting breast cancer. It was in remission for six years and is now more aggressive. We have been close friends since the third grade and it terrifies me what she has to go through. Although we are in different cities I still want to support her in anyway that I can.

I began searching for care package ideas to send her. I wanted to send items that could actually help with her recovery from the double mastectomy. I found images of these mastectomy pillows online and knew right away I would be making one. After this surgery it’s very hard for women to rest their arms at their side. Any pressure close to the chest area is painful and these pillows help ease that. The two openings go under the underarms as they hug and rest on the pillow. These are great for sitting up or laying down.

I did find a free pattern but it was only for one arm. I then found these double arm pillows but they were for sale and no one was selling the pattern. So my mother and I went to work, found the dimensions and I made my first newspaper pattern!


It wasn’t as hard as I thought and I actually had fun doing this. I labeled the dimensions for the pattern in case anyone ever needs to make it for their loved ones or wants to donate to a charity. My mother had this fabric on hand for me to use. I really love the bright color because it brings on cheerful and happy thoughts. As I was doing my research I found out that a lot of cancer patients don’t want to be reminded they have cancer and prefer not to have the breast cancer awareness symbol on their items. They also may not want others to know they have cancer. Either way I knew my friend would appreciate whatever I sent her but she loves bright bold colors.

After cutting out the pillow I sewed then stuffed it. I made sure not to stuff it too much so it would be flexible and comfortable for her. After stuffing I whipped stitched the opening back together by hand.


I was able to make this pillow in two days and she received it in just a little over a week after her surgery. She loves it and says it is so comfortable and really does ease the pressure. She really loved the color and pattern! Sewing for a cause made me not even think about the work. Normally I complain about having to measure and figure things out but with this project I moved fairly quickly. I knew I had a friend in need that could use some comfort and it became a priority.

Notice the title says Part 1. We made her one more comfort item that I will be sharing about next week! It feels really good to have been able to help my friend even from a far distance. ☺️

Thanks for Viewing ~

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

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Very thoughtful and beautiful gift:) You are kind and talented:)

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Your support means a lot :)

You have to be one of the kindest and most generous persons here on #Steemit! You are always and forever thinking of others and you are so generous with your time and goodwill.

And your love. Your love flows out from you, spreading its waves far and wide.

Just thinking about your friend softens the heart, wishing all things well for her in the course of time. May she feel your love as she navigates these waters, once again.

My thoughts and prayers go to her and my love to you for being such a wonderful human being. 💖

Upped and I will resteem in a bit


Awwwww wow you are so kind! It really helped me feel better about the situation just by being able to help in this way. ☺️

Thank you so much! I’m pleased to know she is healing and recovering well ~ ❤️

She is certainly blessed to have you in her life! ❤️


That is so kind and generous of you and i am glad to read it is helping your friend i wil pray for her to recover fully

Our daughter in Law is waiting to hear if she needs just the one bit they found or a full Double Masectomy, she will know on Wednesday and all the family are hoping and praying or the best news

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

Thank you so much! She says she is healing well and feeling better by the day ;)

My thoughts and prayers are with your daughter in law and family. I am going to work on keeping fabric on hand to be able to make more of these pillows. If she needs to undergo this operation and would like one of these pillows please give me a holler . I will see if I can get some fabric in a speedy time to send it to you all :)

WOW that is so kind of you and if worse comes to worse i may take you up on that kind offer, but hoping and praying it wont be needed


I sure hope it’s not needed too! Praying for good news!

Let’s hope you won’t need to take the offer. 🙏🏽

Thanks again I am keeping a positive outlook as is she lets hope we are right :)


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You are so kind @crosheille, what a blessing you are to your friend right now. To think about her comfort after surgery is truly amazing. :) I'm sure she needs any comfort she can get during this recovery process, she'll thank you every time she uses it. I am proud to know you! Blessings my friend!

That is super sweet of you helping a friend in need :)

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Deseando de todo corazón que tu amiga mejore, excelente regalo.

Gracias ~ 💗

What a brilliant idea! So pleased you and your friend were comforted, and great your mum was there, too.

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Thanks so much @shanibeer! It really was an uplifting project for me to do. ☺️

I am so glad my mum is guiding me along the way, makes it so much easier than just watching a video! 😅

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What an interesting pillow design. Makes sense when you think about it. Nicely done.

When I first saw it, it reminded me of a Boppy pillow. I’m glad we were able to make our own pattern because it really is helping her :)

Thank you!

What a soothing thoughtfulness @crosheille !

I love that you made this for your friend! What a thoughtful thing to do! <3
I had to measure my chest to figure out how it works, lol. I didn't think 11 inches would cover the gap between underarms. LOL! I think I had chest measurements like, when you're measuring shoulder to shoulder in my head. X3

Thank you! Lol! So the 11 in. part rests on your chest while the two 7.5 in. dip parts go under your arms. So you literally hug the 11 in. part. Hope that makes sense. It’s really a comfortable pillow.

I already have requests from people who want one as a lounging pillow! 😄

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How sweet of you, and what a very thoughtful gift!

Thank you! 😊

🙏🏻 You are most welcome.