In a photo you can tell a thousand stories and infinite sensations that differ from person to person.

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How many years floating down to reach a thing of crystalline waters... the blue sky merges with the sea and in the garbage I find a morbid beauty... a plastic face housing an incipient life, a micro ecocystem... In a vast world that digests the entrails in the floating dreams of a girl lost in time; where did he leave his doll ... where is his smile plasticized by the sea breeze?


Photograph taken with Fujifilm

1/1200 s
Iso 100
Processing Adobe Photoshop CS 6
© Carlos Adolfo Chacón Rosales
All the photos and texts in this publication are made by me.


Wow that is a freaky photo. I don't really like it but I cant stop looking at it ;-)

@intrepidphotos, Thank you very much...
Many times the ugly has a strange appeal that captivates us. I'm glad you liked my post!

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@art-venture, Thank you very much for supporting my publication.


Whoa! That is one seriously creepy dystopian shot! Excellent.

Carlos, its a very cool stuff' capture. I cannot stop myself from upvoting your effort with my little 15k CCC stake.

@qwerrie, Thank you very much friend for your support!

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