Art-Venture Project Contest: "Drawing a Marine Su

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hello friends of STEEMIT, it is my pleasure to greet you all, today I am very happy to present this visual artistic work, for the contest that is coordinating the "art-venture" project, thank you for doing this activity and supporting good art In our community, in this opportunity my sunset work, I was doing it with several images that I remember of many sunsets, that I see in my city, imagine yourself? I am from Venezuela and I live in a coastal city called "Cumana", beautiful land of the sea, white sands, palm trees and that characteristic smell of salt, my home is very close to the sea and every time there is a sunset, always captive our glances and thoughts, I wish the participants good luck and success, I suggest you never stop drawing and moving forward in this wonderful task, which in one way or another takes us to that world of extraordinary colors and fantasies .

Marine Sunset

steep 1

We made the sketch in graphite pencil Hb - 2 to supplant it by the colors.

steep 2.

In this step we go with the first layers of colors and in this way we are mixing the different shades to give the effect of illuminated clouds.

My drawing and username in Steemit.

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Your sunset drawing is very impressive. I love the color rendition you gave.

Wish you the best in your contest friend.

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Me encanta tu arte, se que tu especializacion es lapicero, pero tanbien juegas con colores que hacen del dibujo un arte realista.

gracias amor mio por tu apoyo

Sin duda alguna es una belleza, el mar muy seeno, bajo la luz de la luna reflejada en sus aguasEL mar sin duda sirve de inspiración a muchos pintores, poetas.

gracias mi amigo, un placer tenerlo por aqui

Mano gran dibujo!
"Cromatismo" lleno de brillo,
colores cercanos a la realidad...
Usted es un artista plástico extraordinario

gracias mi amigo, con un poco de imaginacion salen buenos trazos y cromatismo, saludos

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thank you friends, it is a great pleasure to be in this select group of great artists, greetings.

Beautiful work!