Drawing face # 2 - "Divider box" - black pen

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Hello friends of "STEEMIT", today I want to share this second work on the profile face, done with the dividing box technique, sometimes we have no motivation to draw, for not having knowledge of some techniques, which facilitate us to have incredible results, today I will explain this technique to make profile faces, which is very easy to use, this technique allows us to draw and make the main sketch very successful, where we can diagram everything with a symmetry adjusted to the parameters of the face profile drawing, I recommend that you use it and motivate yourself to draw, with trying you would not lose anything, on the contrary you will have a lot of fun.

"Face of profile "

Step 1.

I make a dividing table of 10 spaces, with their respective measures that are seen in the diagram.

Step 2.

Here we can see the sketch made, each division marks the different measures of the profile face anatomy.

Step 3

The drawing of the eye is the central point of the drawing, it is a good option to start working with the drawing process.

Step 4

I wanted to give a surprised face expression to my profile face model, we can see that his mouth is a little open, but the measurements are in the normal parameters.


If you use this box you can get good parameters in the profile face measurements, it is simple to make it try it would be very useful, you can vary the measures if you want to make it larger, but the box has to be in the parameters, it is pure transformation math.

Decorating an interior space

Friends of "STEEMIT", for me it is a pleasure to share my drawings and explain the process of realization, with the aim that my blog is useful for many friends interested in the magical world of visual art, I wish them many successes and I I say goodbye as always with this thought that makes us grow more every day.

The best expert was also an apprentice day.

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It is so amazing ~ Pencil work makes a fantasy world ~ The line of face is so soft and tender ~ Looking so good ~ Marvellous ~

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thanks for that positive message greetings

Hermoso trabajo, me encanta su cabello y su rostro tan perfilado que la hace ver tan linda. ;)

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We are still working for good art, nice to see you here

Y a mi me alegra de ver tus obras. ;)

Sigue con el buen arte que si mi Internet me deja estaré feliz de verlo y apoyarlo. <3 <3 <3

Looks great, but I think you've forgotten to say you are working off a photo, and also forgot to leave attribution to the original workpiece and author. That's not playing fair, unless the originals were published under free/permissive license, which we can't easily verify, again because there's no info.

hello, this article about drawing, tries to take readers and interested in the art of drawing, the elaboration of the painting technique to work faces better, I chose this photograph from an old magazine, but it is a good observation of you , I will be pending, but the important thing is to share the knowledge with other friends who are making art in the community, I do not have a program that looks for similarities of images on the internet, through a photograph, I do not know if the original will be on the network, For that reason I ignore the source, since I only have the photo in the magazine already worn out because of being in a state of abandonment, greetings my friend and thanks for coordinating my work.

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Great work!