Drawing my dear friend "Dulce Linda" in blue pen.

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Hello friends of "STEEMIT" and a big greeting to the community of artists of "Topaz" it is a pleasure to be with you, in this opportunity I want to share a work that I do to my friend Dulce, in the technique of the blue pen, this technique is very new and requires a lot of patience, concentration to obtain good results, little by little this method is gaining more and more artists who take that step to draw exclusively with a pen, for me it is very fun and interesting because thanks to this technique I have advanced a bit by using techniques such as chiaroscuro, should be for the precision that involves drawing with a single tone, which in this case is blue, I wanted to help me a bit to the outline of the image using a light blue.

Sketch in graphite pencil HB-2

My dear friend Dulce Lida is a very beautiful young woman who is 23 years old and has a degree in Industrial Safety Engineering. She loves traveling and getting to know the culture of many countries.

Already in this step I have done much of the portrait with soft and subdued textures. My friend Dulce, is defined as a cheerful, affectionate, kind, creative, and enterprising person, is a fan of photography and likes to make many selfies, travel and enjoy life, she feels very grateful to God.

Drawing made.

Friends of "STEEMIT" here I leave the photo of "Dulce Linda" that you use as a reference for this artistic work, wishing everyone a lot of success in their presentations. "Dear friend "Dulce", I hope you enjoy this gift and I hope to continue cultivating the friendship that surrounds us, I wish you all the best for your life and that you continue to reap many successes.

Reference photography.


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Your friend is very beautiful as well as the portrait you did @betzaelcorvo, a lot of patience but it was worth it. ;)

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thank you friend, for your great support and positive message, we will continue working for you in this community, regards

Thank you very much @betzaelcorvo for wanting to continue showing your art to the community. ;)

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thanks friend for the great support impotante, greetings.

hermosa ilustracion, te quedo genial

gracias por ese comentario positivo

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Once again, thanks for your support!

thank you friend, for your great support and positive message, we will continue working for you in this community, regards

An incredible job, it is a beautiful portrait, I love your eyes!

gracias amiga por tu apoyo importante, un gran saludo

Beautiful drawing!

thank you friend for that positive message, regards

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thank you, friends, an honor to be in this group of great artists

Como siempre espectacular, único en el estilo. Siempre es un agrado apreciar tu trabajo. Te invito al concurso de #club12 coordinado por mi, aquí te dejo el link:

gracias amiga por tu mensaje importante, un gran placer preparar mi entrada y presentación para tu maravilloso concurso, miles de gracias y exitos