Drawing with blue pen - " Faces".

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Hello friends of STEEMIT, a big greeting to the artistic community of "TOPAZ" today I present this visual artistic work done in its entirety with the blue pen technique, since a few publications ago I began to teach the different tones we can get from a blue pen, all the technique is based on getting these tones and textures through the pressure exerted on the pen to the surface, which in this case is white card and of course some patience, this new technique caught me a few years ago , which was for me a surprise to be able to make drawings with a pen that has a single tone, I hope you are encouraged to practice a little and discover this modality that is very interesting in the practice and handling of unique tones.

"Face with lenses".


Step 1.

I make the sketch in graphite pencil "HB-2" and start to give the first blue ballpoint textures.

Step 2.

We continue with the same pattern of textures with small stripes, so we give the contour to the image..

Step 3.

Here we have the face 80% completed, we continue with the rest of the drawing following the same parameters of small stripes that have a uniform sense, then we made a new layer of texture to give more contrast.

Presentation .

Reference image.


Friend artist, here I leave you the scale of shades in blue of the pen, I invite you to visit the community of "TOPAZ" at this address .


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Such a beautifully executed drawing @betzaelcorvo. Thank you for sharing your technique. It's quite amazing to be able to achieve such a variation of tone using the one pen and I can understand the time and patience you would need to have to draw like this. Bravo.


[nTopaz Curator]

Your work has been recognized by the nTopaz Curation Team for its excellent quality and its enrichment to our community. We hope that you will continue to share your creative work at nTopaz and we look forward to your future posts.

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thanks friend for the correction, greetings.


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It's very realistic.


The nTopaz Curation Team recognizes your work as being of outstanding quality and an enrichment to our community. We encourage you to use nTopaz again for your artistic creations, and are looking forward to your future posts.

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thank you for your important motivation, since I'm posting in Topaz I'm very happy because my friends are artists and it's nice to be able to publish with great support, I've already invited several friends to join, greetings and thanks.


Thank you for supporting nTOPAZ

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Fabulous! I love my ink doodling but need major practice. Hopefully I'll be able to do the business one day. Well drawn!!


thank you friend for your support, with a little practice we can achieve good objectives, the organization is important and the time to dedicate, greetings friend.

This is fanominal work, I really like how you have kept the light source consistent, it looks really good. I wish one day I'd be as good as this.
Thank you for sharing, it's very inspiring for me since I've been getting in to art.


a pleasure to know your opinion, since I started in this technique my first steps was to investigate how to make the soft texture of light tones, and organize a time of half an hour a day, and little by little I was getting good results, just a little of practice, passion and desire to do so many goals will be achieved, greetings friend.

Es un hermoso trabajo @betzaelcorvo, me hubiese gustado verlo ayer y apoyarte pero estuve un poco ocupada. :(


a pleasure to see your message and very happy because the work was your liking and pleasure, art is life, what we leave for those who will be in the future, to follow our art and teaching joy our effort has a reward, greetings friend .


Si, tienes muchas razón en eso, así como aprendimos de lo que ya no están en la actualidad pero sus obras inspiraron a muchos.

really wonderful art


gracias por tu gran APOYO, seguimos adelante

This is a very beautiful and neat artwork. Patience and Practice can do wonders.

Please what kind of camera did you use for the shot?


Hi friend, it's a pleasure to have your positive message here, the camera that I use for the photographs is Panasonic model LUMIX - DMC - ZS5 - 10 megapixel and the images of the steps I edit them with the powerpoint 2013 program, so I make a newer presentation , regards.


Alright. Thanks for responding.

Very realistic drawing! Brilliant work!


thank you friend for that positive comment, when you handle a technique and you propose to discover certain skills with practice, good results are achieved, everything is in practice and the love with which you work the art, greetings and thanks

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thank you friends this magazine is the best of steemit greetings and success.

Wow this is awesome bro


thank you friend with pasiencia and co-ordinated triangle goals are achieved, it is not just doing it is how we organize ourselves to perform an art, greetings friend

Wow!!! esta hermosa!!
Me encanta, te felicito, tu técnica es impecable. Y pensar que es con bolígrafo Diooosss, yo nunca lo he intentado jejejeje. Saludos y un fuerte abrazo, es agradable ver que sigues por aquí, yo estoy intentando volver al ruedo luego de 3 meses fuera de la plataforma.


hola amiga, que alegria saber de tu regreso, muchas gracias por tu comentario positivo, tienes razon he seguido activo con los dibujos, aprendiendo y compartiendo, sabes tu tienes mucho talento y si tienes pasion por lo que haces ya es un triunfo, no hay que demostrarle nada a nadie con un dibujo o arte, el solo hecho de sentir satisfaccion al dibujar y aprender un poco de nuestro avanzar, ya es un triunfo. saludos amiga y bienvenidad