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This Is Peppers’ Time ..

To be in the spotlight, now that I have finished his portrait. Actually it has been completed for a few weeks now. I just found a few many minutes to clean up the progress photos and get together a combined picture for easy viewing. Needless to say, he is thrilled with it! He smelled it then ignored it just the same as every other painting I create and place at his height. As seen in one of the photos, he prefers to hide behind them rather than stare at them.. That’s okay. I am very content with how both Pepper and Mollys’ portraits came out.

Here Are The Two Completed Portraits of Our Pups ..


For ‘Portrait Of Pepper’ ..

I used my Ivory Black #67 Derwent Watercolour pencil, of course Water, watercolor paper, my favorite go to brush (One of my wifes old makeup brushes..hehe), paper towel, Peppers’ beautiful little face, love, creativity and patience. This one is created on a piece of watercolor paper measuring roughly 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches. Taking a look back at the time stamp on my progression photos, this piece took from start to finish, about 3 hours to create. No to bad.


Progression Photos ..

For those interested, here ar the Progress Shots. Steemit Link
He started off looking a little angry, but then with a few adjustments he became his normal poker faced self. When he is happy, excited, sad, board, yada yada.. Always the same face. But We LOVE it.

Portrait Of Pepper Progress Photos.jpg

Mr Pepper ..

Little Mr Pepper, a black and white Shih Tzu, Came to us from Lancaster Pennsylvania. We picked him up as a puppy from a small local shop. He immediately came to us and we knew he was going to be a part of our little family. That was almost 13 years ago.. Where does the time go? We have had many good times together and hope for many more before his bones are too tired to move. He is our little shadow, our whiner, our curious one, our guard puppy, and our snuggle buddy. He is truly a perfect dog for our family. Not to mention that he is a true Big Brother to little Miss Molly. She is lost without him, constantly looking to him for reassurance and guidance. I feel really good about seeing this portrait through from my mind to completion. It was something I wanted to create for a while.. Feeling very happy today :-)

Portrait Of Pepper.jpg



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Thank you @themadcurator for the surprise visit and support! Very grateful for the vote and vote of confidence :-D

You know, looking at the two faces together, I was going to say, they are quite similar, Pepper the male version and Molly the female version! Then when I look a lil longer at that final piece... I actually see a very human face underneath all the fur... I guess after knowing them for awhile, they are very humanised, in each's character, behaviour, etc... My kitty was like that too... She lived 20 years with us! :)


I Know! It's crazy right??! They are like our little silent humans. The pups and I have lots of conversations and they hold all my secrets very well. lol

20 years? wow.. impressive. I can only hope for the same, but realistically poor Mollys' life will be somewhat shorter possibly due to her disease. 20 years.. amazing.


Yup, 20 years! The vet himself only heard of 16 being the oldest... I heard the longest was 26 years!!!


As long as the cat was pretty happy, you have to feel good about that! Cool.

pepper ! he is so cute <3 a very nice portrait of the lil mister, @bdmillergallery <3 he looks like he is in one of his serious faces here but i guess that is quite true to himself :D send my hugs pls <3


Thank you. He is always so serious. But in a cute way. :-)

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Thank you @art-venture!

I think a very thoughtful face has your Pepper, how nice!

Do not worry that Pepper knows you're a great artist and surely liked his portrait. ;)


Thanks @yanes94! He likes it just about as much as anything else lying about. Lol. That’s okay. I painted it more for me than him. ;-)



like all of them a lot pal. Now i just got to find some super comfy beds for my doge like the many you already have


Thanks @gooddream! I can always send you some, but it would be rather expensive to get them there. Hmmmm. I need to throw out a few.