Endless days of Type! Hebrew Edition. Part 02.

in #ntopaz2 years ago

Here we go! ✍
The Complete Hebrew Alphabet. Part 02.

For a very long time I wanted to do get this done but i guess life simply has it's own plans, knowing hebrew never really did much to me since i had to learn it back in the day when i was living in israel, many many years and art pieces passed since then and now finally i took the time to look at each and every letter and give it my full attention and love. wonderful way to hit back on ancient language and bring back some magic to it, not to mention the historic values and meaning of each letter. I love it!

Each letter was hand drawn with ink on paper then scanned and vectories so i can have a few interesting versions playing with black and white and negative space. i also turned the whole thing into a digital downloadable coloring book for kids and adults to play around and have fun in this odd Corona times.










Let me know what you think.
Art by AdidA.

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