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RE: New Painting

in #ntopaz2 years ago

I love the way how you finished the painting, it is interesting how the same portrait looks, as human eye we probably looking for the mystery and the way of alteration with different colours that made it difficult to see behind and that is the reason why it catches the eye, we ask us what is behind the color.

I hope you will find your creative side while lock down.

Also I noticed that you are still posting in #ntopaz, I do not know if you are aware that it is closed down and powering down. Many people created community and if you are posting via community you may have their upvotes. Look into those two, there is a registration button and post via their page:

By the way I do not know if you knew some people post via communities and got their support, you can try those two, you also need to post from their page:


or OCD:


This is very helpful. Thank you!