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beauty and cats will save the world!

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80 meters panel with acrylic water colors

The Superintendency of Fine Arts has started a building site for the restoration of the ancient Roman theater, in Piazza Municipio in Terracina.

Me and my artist friend, Manuel De Cicco, we decided to paint the 80 square meters of paneling, horribly white and aseptic, which disfigured in the historical context of the famous square, also to keep us in shape for "Fuori Controllo" the arts festival performances that we organize in Terracina.

The problem was the large surface to be painted, and the time to do it, only three days.
It was also necessary to create very bright and bright colored areas, in order to contrast the protective sheets and scaffolding of the area.
We started without a real project, with very large brushes without giving nuances or illusion effects.
A surface has a longitudinal character with a sort of skyline of Italian landscapes.
The cats on the port cleats and the gulls completed the work.
We hope you enjoyed the work.
A merry hug.

Armando and Manuel.

Do not miss the video!

Non perdetevi il video!

La soprintendenza alle Belle Arti ha iniziato un cantiere per il restauro dell'antico teatro romano, in piazza Municipio a Terracina.
Io e il mio amico artista, Manuel De Cicco, abbiamo deciso di dipingere gli 80 metri quadrati di pannellatura, orribilmente bianchi e asettici, che sfiguravano nel contesto storico della famosa piazza, anche per tenerci in forma per "Fuori Controllo" il festival delle arti performative che organizziamo a Terracina.
Il problema era la grande superficie da dipingere, ed il tempo per farlo, solo tre giorni.
Era inoltre necessario realizzare delle zone di colore molto accese e brillanti, in modo di contrastare i teli e le impalcature protettive della zona.
Abbiamo iniziato senza un vero e proprio progetto, con pennelli molto grandi senza dare sfumature o effetti di illusione.
E' venuta una superficie dal carattere longitudinale con una sorta di skyline dei panorami italiani.
I gatti sulle bitte del porto ed i gabbiani hanno completato l'opera.
Speriamo che il lavoro vi sia piaciuto.
Un abbraccio micioso.
Armando e Manuel.

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Vieni a trovarci sulla prima rivista dedicata al mondo dell'arte&storia

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Happy New Year @armandosodano! Beauty and cats saves the world indeed @armandosodano! The art that both of you created on the plain white paneling is beautiful! And I love the bright colours like sun bringing positivity to the scenery and atmosphere. Thank you for sharing the video with us. It captured the effort that you guys put in, in creating this and to create this in 3 days is truly admirable and inspirational. I like how the cats are just relaxing :) Did you guys paint whatever that comes to mind or did you do a sketch first?


ty @marblely only with improvisation and love


I can see lots of love in it :) Thank you @armandosodano. Happy weekend to you!

Li ho visti, li ho visti, i gattonzi, non erano traveggole, erano gattonzi veri e propri!!


Si sono i gattonzi che fanno parte del porto di terracina, abbiamo una discreta flotta peschereccia che alimenta questi esseri meravigliosi a 4 zampine!

That's a pretty fun video to watch, and the final result of the artwork is definitely cool to see. I like the vibrant colours and the cats :D :D.
Congratulations for your curie vote, Armando ^_^.


thank you very much @scrawly

That's some art taken for a walk. I loved the fading/melting/rainy effect of the paint sort of decanting and merging with the different levels of colors.
I love cats, so, I loved the ones you put there. Cats and water do not mingle, but cats by the sea and seagulls roaming make quite a spectacle.

Bellisimo. Lavoro impressionante che è stato fatto in tre giorni.


True, it was very challenging, but fun ... especially free! Thank you @hlezama


Free? Then, it is doubly beautiful. I guess it will become promotion for future comissions. People admiration for that piece of art whenever they pass by or sit around will be quite rewarding though.

· I m President of this Cultural Association we did it only for the beauty of the city.
Included video-mapping look for info

amazing art, @armandosodano ! the video is super cool !!! i love the colours very much, and the design of the piece :> the cats watching the sky are so whimsical and lovely !

as for the tag #ntopaz, it does not do anything much, @armandosodano! to actually use this tag properly, you have to upload through :)

if you have any questions, poke me at Discord, and I can help !


thanks for the suggestion @veryspider , i will use it

Bravissimi! Super talentuosi!
Le foto non rendevano molto l'idea nè dei dettagli, nè delle dimensioni.
Ottima l'idea del video, che fa apprezzare appieno l'opera!


quando le cose si fanno con amore...grazieeeeeeeee @akireuna;-)


Verissimo! <3

I micini lì sono un meraviglioso tocco di classe.
Grandi! Proprio un bel progetto il vostro,!

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Grazie @pawpawpaw ce la mettiamo tutta per la bellezza! (e per i mici)

Excellent work, both of you! Very cool and good looking! 😃


hi @armandosodano,
together with my girlfriend, we considered your mural as an amazing artwork. it is a great idea to paint this kind of no-ones wall dividing construction areas from the common space and make a nice surrounding for the rest of the society. final effect is very warm and nice for the eye. did you receive some kind of invitation from the government for this painting ? I saw this information plate on your video with text "dipinto realizatto per Terracina dagli artisti"


the wooden panels protect the building site and we attacked them with the colors! Yes, the mayor gave us permission.

Amazing and the perfect example of art taking a space to the next level. What would have been an inconsequential white wall is now an amazing story of light and colour. Well done.

I found you thanks to @curie!

che invidia! essere capaci di declinare il bello attraverso l'arte e la creatività deve essere una sensazione molto appagante ed è una forma di comunicazione universale, grazie ogni vs pennellata ci riscalda e colora l'anima


ma grazie a voi per questo commento delizioso ^-^

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Hi armandosodano,

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ty @curie for your great job and support!

80 meters? Wow, that's wide. Really wide!

We started without a real project

And your piece of art turned out to be great! You turned that dull and boring wall into a colorful lively sight. I love your choice of colors!

Did anyone commission you to do the job or was it just a volunteer initiative from you and Manuel?


yes, exactly I answered another similar comment ;-) ^-^


Oh, you did? Sorry to keep repeating what was already asked. I should have read through the other comments before I asking.

I can only imagine the cost of labor and material that you and Manuel have spent on this project. It is a good thing that you decided to share it here and I am glad that Curie picked it. The support will somehow give you consolation to your expenses and efforts.

Kudos to you and Manuel!


dear @macoolettemy main intent is to let people know art no matter the economic costs ... I m President of this Cultural Association we did it only for the beauty of the city.
Included video-mapping look for info


let people know art no matter the economic costs ...

That is very humbling of you. More power to you and your association. I am sure you will bring the association further forward with your advocacy with arts.

You got me at cats. Lol. Love it. Only 3 days for that big a work. Whoa. Even in simplicity it still has complexity.

Only three days! The resulting artwork is stunningly beautiful. I agree with you, "la belleza e i gatti salveranno il mondo". I love cats and here their shapes give a special touch to the piece. I believe your contribution to the historical context of Piazza Municipio is of great value. Thank you for sharing and congrats on the Curie upvote, Armando and Manuel!

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hi Zoe I give more info on discord a great hug

I really like the color!

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Amazing that you could fill that empty space with so much beauty in 3 days! The colors bring warmth and the cats bring love. It is beautiful!

Ahh! I love seeing paintings on the wall. So cute! Awesome Artwork!