Introducing Myself To Ntopaz

in ntopaz •  14 days ago  (edited)

ntopaz-image-0Hi everyone!!!

Using my badge as an introduction to ntopaz. The cartoon part was designed by a fellow steemian and every other thing designed with Corel Draw. Am still a learner but I also do lots of photography.

Will be bringing us beautiful pictures snapped in my locality most especially flowers 💐 and artworks. Am an art lover and I also do drawings, hand made home materials and beads.

This is my introduction to Ntopaz. I am Bee 🐝 🐝.

Thanks for reading.

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The cartoon version is beautifully done. Welcome to nTopaz. I would love to see your photography and artwork. Do share your work. It will give us the opportunity to explore your side of the world.
Much love