[CR] Christmas tree toy. Sketch. Markers

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Today I will show you a Christmas tree toy. There is a pig inside the toy. Why piggy - so the new year 2019 will be the year of the pig according to the eastern calendar.
I'm starting to draw from the liner. Liner 0.05 mm. I draw the contour of the Christmas tree toy. Pig dispose in the center of the toy.

Add color to the pig. I use Finecolour markers 369, 357, PG40

For the metal part of the toy I use NG276, NG277, NG279. For rope PG38, PG40

Green background YG30

For the glass part of the toy I use NG277, NG278, NG280

I add strokes to the green background with markers NG276, NG277, NG278, NG280. Eyes B238. Marker NG277 put dots of snow on the glass.

White gel pen add snow inside the Christmas tree toys. I put dots and strokes on the background with a blender. Liner 0.4 mm liner toy on the contour.

Merry Christmas!

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Thank you for watching!

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Animation By @zord189

P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.

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WOW! You know 2019 is the pig year. The pig is so cute! The glass part looks real. Good painting


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What a beautiful and charming painting, @amalinavia! Well done!

Merry Christmas!

Oh my goodness this is soooo cute! :D
Merry Christmas from the UK!
Cheryl (@beautifulbullies) x

Божемой, какая мимимишечка!!!!

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The steps and photoreviewvare usefull
Merry christmas

Such a cute piglet bauble ! It really combines Christmas with the upcoming Pig Year theme :D So wonderful, @amalinavia !