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Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you a portrait of a once very famous TV presenter in Russia, and just a wonderful man.
The portrait is made with a simple soft pencil in a-4 format.
Step-by-step option publish in scanned form.


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51 (2).jpg

51 (3).jpg

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Hope you enjoyed my post.
Until next time, Friends!

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Waooo que hermosa imagen. Me encanta el gran dominio que tiene en la técnica que utilizaste en tu obra, los detalles de la textura de la piel, las arrugas en los ojos quedó magnífico, su sonrisa agradable hace ver esta imagen muy viva y real. Te felicito por tu buen arte. Mis saludos y Dios bendigan tus manos.

Sus palabras son muy caros para mí! Gracias sinceramente!

WOOOOOOOOW que increíble jeje es demasiado bueno - te felicito por ser tan tú

Muchas gracias))

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Thanks so much

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I am sincerely grateful to you!

Wonderful photo-realistic style and technique

Thank you sincerely!

Hi alkor,

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I am sincerely grateful to you!

This is hyperrealism. Great portrait. Great talent!! A great pleasure to look at the process of creating your drawing. A cordial greeting @alkor

Thank you sincerely for such kind words, @marcybetancourt!

Hello Hello!

What a beautiful and great art! Spectacular, reflects a born and surprising talent

Greetings from Venezuela ♡♡

Your words are very dear to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your words are very
Dear to me! Thank you from the
Bottom of my heart!

                 - alkor

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Great shades! And his smile is infectious :) I like how you made his wrinkles and beard. It's a lovely portrait. If he had such a huge charisma in real life like he has on your portrait then I understand why he was famous :)

I am sincerely grateful to you for such an interesting and wonderful comment!

oh dear @alkor, I like your portrait so much. how long does it take for a job like this? it is so true that it looks like a photograph, and its smiling and joyful expression can almost be touched :-)) do you work with art or is it your passion? keep on, you have a great talent :-)) congratulations on your curie rating

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such kind words! time always turns out differently, but I think that day is quite enough)) Yes, it's more of a hobby or passion))