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Greetings Friends!

Today I want to show you my work for the Trial by Comics contest, organized by @kommienezuspadt - Native Godde, from my country Venezuela. It is the Goddess of nature and love. It was so designated because a snake fell in love with it, the Gods punished the serpent and named Yara or Maria Lionza as the Goddess of nature and Love. It is said that their presence is felt when a blue butterfly appears.

To participate Here

Reference image

I hope you like it!

1 white sheet A2- 2h graphite pencil-Black ballpoint -Colored pencils - Erase-Sharpener

Drawing Process

1. Make the sketch and draw the outline with Ballpoint pen and black marker.


2. Then I made shadows with the black Ballpoint pen.




3. To finish the drawing, apply the flowers of red, pink orange, for the brown skin and the skin color, green and gray eyes, the brown and ocher snake and the light and dark blue butterfly.




Presentation of the Drawing


Copyright @akarantain - All rights reserved

¡Thank you to the entire Community for your Great Support and the happiness you bring as you follow me and visit my Post!

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Very nice




Your welcome lovely work. 😊


The nTopaz Curation Team recognizes your work as being of outstanding quality and an enrichment to our community.

We encourage you to use nTopaz again for your artistic creations, and are looking forward to your future posts.

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/bycktuE

Such an adorable Native Godde @akarantain. I love the concept in your beautiful drawing.


Muchas gracias @livvu, totalmente agradecido con @nTOPAZ , ¡es un proyecto extraordinario!

Why do the poor snakes always cop such a bad rap XD The drawing looks beautiful, like a full page frame out of a graphic novel :)


Jajaja true!!! Thank you very much for appreciating it! :)

We love your work completly, apart from being impressive draw, the description and the design process that you show are amazing. Your publication is a perfect example of how to do things well, everything in order and beautiful, thanks for showing your shine through @nTOPAZ.


Thank you very much @cafeconleche, totally grateful with @nTOPAZ, it is an extraordinary project!!!

Maravilloso trabajo, aunque parece que has olvidado agregar algunas etiquetas más :D


Gracias Amigos!!! Si ya se las agregue!!! Saludos :)

@akarantain : c'est toi qui sert de modèle ? ;)


hahaha quelque chose comme ça, ils m'appellent plus jeune pocahontas !!


Je me doutais de quelque chose dans ce style. Tu aurais pu choisir Pocahontas comme pseudo 🤪🍾

Amazing work as always! ;)


Thanks friend!!!

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Yes friend, thanks for going through my post !! :)


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Have u drawn this picture from a real human body?


It looks like real one!!!! . Good job 👌👍👏