Make Coffee With Me! (Value Study In Gouache)

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I spent the entire day doing a little value study in gouache also while learning from masters. It’s always a good idea to get yourself acquainted with whatever you are getting into and since the pool of talent is immeasurable I have no lack of pros from this specific area. Photoshop also helps me big time whenever I feel a little lost in values especially when it is a commissioned piece and I have deadlines to follow.

This strokes and color for the background got a little confusing once or twice because after hours into it, I reached a point where all the greys looked same to me and I felt I lose my ability to segregate them. After a few mins of break I got back to it and sure enough I was back in the game!

I throughly enjoyed every single stroke in this and monochrome practice was definItely overdue. Plus to keep it just the right amount of interesting, the coffee color worked out to be just fine! There is a long road ahead of me to master the tiling method in opaque mediums- preferably gouache! Any suggestions/feedbacks are always appreciated ❤️











The image for reference is sourced from

Keep Creating

Lots Of Love <3


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This is lovely. It's nice trying something new and very good to get acquainted with it.
Can I get some sip of coffee?

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Hahah sure!
It certainly was 😃

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