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Both the government and the BJP have claimed that there has been a concerted attempt to distort the reality of the CAA-NRC combination. The true image is as follows, according to government sources.
India is on a war footing by the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Registry of Citizens (NRC). Over the past week, the Union government has struggled to calm concerns and has been reiterating that no Indian citizen has anything to worry about. Both the government and the BJP have claimed that there has been a concerted attempt to distort the reality of the CAA-NRC combination. The true image is as follows, according to government sources.

Should Indian Muslims care about CAA + NRC?

No Indian citizen of any religion should worry about CAA or NRC.

Will people in the NRC be excluded for religious reasons?

No. NRC is not about religion. NRC, as and when it is done, should not be for religious reasons.

How is citizenship decided? Will it be in the hands of the government?

Citizenship will be decided according to the Citizenship Rules, 2009, framed in the Citizenship Act of 1955. They are in the public domain. There are five ways in which a person can become an Indian citizen:

Citizenship by birth,
Citizenship by descent,
Citizenship by registration,
Citizenship by naturalization,
Citizenship by incorporation of territory
When the NRC arrives, will I have to provide details about the birth of the parents, etc. to prove my Indian citizenship?

Details of your birth as date / month and year and place of birth are sufficient. If it is not available, you may need to provide such details about the birth of the parents, but mandatory submission of documents with the parents will not be required. Citizenship can be proven by presenting any document related to the date and place of birth.

The details of these admissible documents have not yet been decided. But they are likely to include a voter card, passport, Aadhaar, license, insurance documents, birth certificate, school exit certificate, land or house documents or other documents issued by public authorities. The list of these documents is likely to be long enough for no Indian citizen to be subjected to undue harassment.
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When the NRC arrives, do I have to prove my ancestry since before 1971?

No. You do not have to prove any ancestor by presenting any documents such as identification cards or birth certificates of parents / ancestors dating from before 1971. That was valid only for Assam NRC and mandatory by the Assam Agreement and implemented in the Supreme Court instructions The NRC procedure in the rest of the country is completely different as provided in the Rules of Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issuance of National Identity Cards), 2003.

What happens if a person is illiterate and does not have relevant documents?

In this case, the authorities will allow you to bring witnesses, several other community tests / verification, etc. Due process will be followed. No Indian citizen will have unnecessary problems.

Does NRC exclude someone for being transgender, atheist, adivasi, Dalit, women and landless without documents?

No. NRC, as it is done, will not affect any of those mentioned above.

Will there be a nationwide NRC?
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Since the implementation of the NRC in Assam, there has been a growing demand for its implementation nationwide. Now, many of BJP’s main leaders, including Interior Minister Amit Shah, have proposed that the NRC in Assam be implemented throughout India.

It effectively suggests introducing legislation that allows the government to identify infiltrators who have been living in India illegally, stop them and deport them to their place of origin.


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