the current situation of nigerians

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Actually i see that many people are not adapting to this Nigeria current situation.
I heard that a particular girl in Mozambique during the session 2016/2017 was been given forty thousand naira per month by her parent though i was not moved but i don't know why people don't think of future. As for me i do discipline myself not to collect much money from my parent not that they can't give me or they don't have it but it just about disciplining one self in this kind of economic backslide our country is facing and there is no sign of improvement or in the future they will progress.
Let assume the lady given forty thousand naira graduate and stop depending on her parent and she is now alone, old enough to take care of herself but to think of it she has been given job and as you know for every new recruit their salary will be low and she is being given fifty thousand. How is she going to sustain? And she is being given forty thousand per month in her first year in school and as she advance in her academic and in age, demand will arise(law of demand) let's guess she is now given fifty thousand in her remaining years before she finish schooling by her parent . but now she is now old enough using her certificate to work and her salary is now fifty thousand. She is not going to cope.
That's the reason we have to adapt to whatever situation we find ourselves.
Let me digress,
To the stalites and freshers don't ever compare yourself to any other folk you find yourself with maybe his or her parent is richer than yours and you are now trying to copy that folk or live the same life as the person is living. Is either you fall or something unpredictable will happen . Adapt to whatever situation you find yourself and live your own life according to your own life don't copy .

Actually the aftermath of not adapting to the situation will find ourselves like the situation Nigeria is will be like this illustration below .

Assuming a bank manager receives a call and the folk that called negotiate with the bank manager the time they should meet.
Then the next day three men in suit enters and greeted those at the cashier and move to the office of the bank manager. Then he welcomed them and ask them what the business is all about and the three open the suitcase each of them carried and pointed their gun at the bank manager and their leader speaks,
"I'm a gentle man graduated from OAU in the department of accounting with second class upper and I've applied for job uncounted number here when you needed accountant here several times but you denied me all the time.same here goes to the man at my right he graduated from UI as a computer engineer but there's no job available and the man at the left graduated in UNILAG as a chemist but there's no job for him too. We just need you to help us by borrowing us three million to execute a business and will return it to you after we've seen our gain.

That's how the next generation arm robber will be, "we are responsible and educated ".

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