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I am a country . My former president is a zoologist
My present President is a lover of cattle My national football team
bears the name of an animal . My military heads loves animals such
like Python and crocodile . Currently, I ave this special specie of
snake whose duty is to swallow plenty money. Please, what is my name
and what nickname would you love to give to me 2020 jamb question 1)in
which year do snake swallow money 2)name the country that snake
swallowed money 3)when an where do the snake swallow money 4)who said
snake swallowed money ? 5)how mush do the snake swallow ? take note.
some student go still fail. na 9ja na. It is only in Nigeria that u
will hear that a snake swallow 36 million naira. next time u will hear
that a big rat ate all the budget money and a lizard drank all the
fuel in our oil reserve Then next year INEC will say that some group
of mosquitoes Swallowed all the Ballot boxes containing all the vote
for 2019 election Jamb students will start expecting question like
this... Calculate how long it will take a snake to swallow # 36million
if the the bank notes are either 100,200, 500, or 1000 denomination
and tabulate the chances of the snakes survival using the APC formula.
At last! Nigeria is the first country to produce a snake that can
swallow money What an achievement! • Animals That Eat Plants=
Herbivores • Animals That Eat Meat= Carnivores • Animals that Eat Meat
And Plants= Omnivores. • A Snake that SWALLOWED #36 million is Called
What? l must learn how to swallow money o, that snake cannot just
swallow and go free like that My dog be barking like an idiot
disturbing my sleep. Your mate's are swallowing 35million, you are
here barking for rat. pet that can not not swallow 35million is that
one a pet?? ...I'm dumping this mumu dog for snakes now. Please where
can I buy correct snake that can swallow money and not humans oh!! .
Even snake for 9ja knows the value of money . Imagine leaving people
that it would have swallow and going to swallow raw cash I'm sure that
snake is an Igbo snake This one DAT dey snake swallow money for jamb
office. Hmm One day we saw snake in our house na so everybody dey pack
their money dey no even run for their lives. Na so one bro come meet d
snake and said ..... Bro Snake go back we are,still facing
recession...then d snake said bros what a man can do a Snake can do
better. # lemmecomeandbegoingbeforeefccgethere . If this post make you
vex i advice you to do something to it. Just. . . . . ,. . . . . . . .
. . . . . .come to my house and beat me

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