i cant wait to get married

in npc •  last year

Be combing her hair until she falls asleep on my bosom😍
Spray her my perfume so she always thinks of me anytime she sniffs herself💑👔
Hide under the bed and pinch her with a needle🤣
Pretend to be sleeping and sick while she prepares meals and feeds me😎
Picmix and enlarge her baby picture plus picture of her sleeping like a cock and hang it on my office wall😂😂
Stylishly push her out of the bed while sleeping or dreaming🤗
Drag the TV remote with her🤣
Tell her that one woman like that is looking at me in a sexually unhealthy way so they can argue lemme be entertained☺
Bathe her myself and ask her to close her eyes like a child and hug her daddy😛
Engage in a farting competition with her🕺💃
Wear our club jerseys (Real Madrid) on our night outings and irritate other football clubs😃
Yell at her that I'm done dressing up when I've not even applied ordinary concealer/foundation😄
Bribe 4 women or 6 men to tell her this "wow nice hair cut, You look so charming. I like your cloth, did your husband buy it for You? Lovely shoes. You must be lucky to have him in your life".😙
Invite her friends over for a sleepover and make white rice and meat pepper soup for them plus grabbing a mic to entertain them😎
Build an empire with her🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️
Be the pastor and she will be my church😍
Spoil her with bad things and plenty gifts😚
Travel to places we can't even pronounce with her😜
Bring her a bouquet of roses to her office and leave silly love notes in her clothes😍
Change her Facebook name to, "My wife runs this account, Beware!"😠
Laugh while she makes love to me😂
Do novena for her constantly for her prosperity😍
Defend/protect her with my love and life😋
Use her toothbrush to brush my teeth while she barks like a dog😑
Take her ass on expensive dates and pay for it with my own hard-earned money😊
Take her to the groceries and have her push the trolley and follow me about like mother hen🤗
Take her to the salon once in a while so she sees how much I spend just to impress her ass😃
Get her a funny lunchbox and force her to carry it around😃
Sing 56 songs of praises to her whenever she asks me, "Emmanuel, how do i look in this dress?"🤣
Remove my shirt and cover her body from cold whenever it's raining and we happen to be outside🌨
Convince her to practice Indian music dances with me😎
Be sipping juice while she twerks for me🤣
Laugh when she's looking for her socks, shoes, car keys.... Bae, i hid it, calm down lemme think if i want to give it back to you🤔
Wake her up at 2am to ask her this, " Hey, answer me truthfully before i do something rash, do you still love me? If Yes, why did you bathe last night without me? If no, where do you want to be buried after i strangle You?"😅
dear future wife....the lord is your muscle
If you are not my wife, you are missing a lot and am very sure that my future wife is in this group 😎😎😎

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