Summer in The City (NOW UNITED First Performance | 24 Hours of Reality) by Philip Seven

in #nowunited4 years ago

NOW UNITED is a global pop group created by American Idol creator and Spice Girls manager, Simon Fuller, consisting of young talented artists whose group is set to be officially launched in 2018.

They are finally here to show the world their passion and their aptitudes in singing and dancing, and to prove that through it, all will be NOW UNITED.

Joalin Loukamaa from Finland
Sofya Plotnikova from Russia
Diarra Sylla from Senegal
Noah Urrea from the United States
Any Gabrielly from Brazil
Heyoon Jeong from South Korea
Lamar Morris from the United Kingdom
Hina Khan from Japan
Sina Deinert from Germany
Josh Beauchamp from Canada
Bailey May from Philippines
Shivani Paliwal from India
Krystian Wang from China
Sabina Hidalgo from Mexico

Follow NOW UNITED for more updates:

Also visit NOW UNITED's official website:

All rights belong to XIX Entertainment, Sony ATV, TeamRed, Lionheart Music Group, etc. Shared for promotional and entertainment purposes. I do not own any of this (just the edited photo for the thumbnail),

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