Music Fix Friday (Now Playing Week 68) [Tyrow James,Packy,RUSSELL!,OG Kush,Lil Dicky]

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Tyrow James - T.S.O.L.

An anthem that I can totally get behind and relate with! haha

Packy - Already Down

Speck Sixteen always brings forth some incredible songs but the only problem with them is they sometimes leave you wanting more. At the same point in time, I like that the song is so short as it makes for great replay value with the song/concept not over-staying it's welcome.

RUSSELL! - Exotic

The aesthetic of this video goes really well with Lil Nas X scoring a huge hit recently with his mix of Country & Hip Hop. However, this song has it's own vibe and is a great mix of chill and upbeat, just my kind of music.

OG Kush - In The Zone

I typically only post songs on here that have videos to go along with it but this one was just too good to not post and being that this artist has just started to post songs I doubt we will be getting a video soon.
This is the perfect type of jam to blast while cruising as the weather starts to get nicer.

Lil Dicky - Earth

A great song with an even greater message that features tons of huge artists and incredible Pixar level animation; if you haven't seen this yet do yourself a favor and check it out!

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I'm always waiting for your entries @yamaagni which step by step they help me understand how hip-hop and all it's variants work.
I've started to love this music thanks to you bro and It narrows the gap that I had with this stream. Now I can slowly be aware of the slight details hidden in the songs that make them unique.
It was a pleasure to watch all the vídeos. Thanks so much for sharing them.
Big hugs and my best wishes to you.


Thank you, that truly means a lot to me!
I always really enjoy your posts as well as you are always introducing me to new awesome groups that I haven't heard of.

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