Music Fix Friday (Now Playing Week 52) [Mitchell Bailey,RUSSELL!,JOEY BONES]

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Mitchell Bailey - Oprah Winfrey

A little bit of a slower week for release so I only have three songs this week [with one being an older discovery] but the three I have in here are amazing so it makes up for it.
This is probably the stand-out for most people from Mitchell's latest EP Season 2.
I know that much like me he is a big fan of Mac Miller and I can't help but notice a bit of a nod to Mac's breakout song Donald Trump.
I think this song has the potential to do the same for Mitchell!


Yup, another new RUSSELL! track and of course it is making it into my weekly wrap up haha. This is easily one of the best bangers of the year. Can't wait to cruise around and blast this!!!


Now for an older release that legit sounds like something straight out of the 80's/90's although it came out in 2014.
I stumbled upon this as I was trying to find an artist from Nova Scotia who goes by the same name on YouTube. I actually wasn't successful in finding the Joey Bones that I was looking for but I was pumped to find this guy because he is super dope. I really dig the old school vibe he brings to it with a crazy smooth flow.

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Good shit for my flu...we've become good friends these tree last days but thanks to you it's days are finished...

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