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Hello fellow steemusic lovers!! This week I'd like to share what is to me one of the greatest live recording done by a band! This is Dire Straits perfroming Sultans of Swing live in Hammersmith Apollo. It's kinda long, around 10 min but there are so many stuff happening in the music that you will not be bored.

Listen as they take u across a wide array of dynamics and accelerandos in the music, something which I've never seen other bands doing much of. I never get fed up of listening to this and in fact the whole concert is just so awesome!

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good share! personally I love the energy from the drummer! :)


yes true.. he's really like the heartbeat to the whole band!! I'm really glad you liked it! ✌️✌️😊😊

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Great choice, these guys are fantastic performers and are always in total control of their sound...

yeah i totally agree with u! ✌️✌️