Whale Olympics #1: Pass the Torch

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The Torch of the Whale Olympics will be lit soon. Will you pass the Torch and keep the flame alive? Or will you let the fire die? Let us introduce to you the first game of the Whale Olympics called "Pass the Torch". This game is going to be all about cooperation and communication.



As we have previously mentioned, premium games in the Olympics require a minimum balance of 1000 NowCoin and also have a registration fee. If you would like to participate in this game, you have to send 10 NowCoin to the "nowcoin-reward-pool" account.

Registration Deadline: UTC 12:00 on 2nd October, 2018. The minimum balance shall be held at this moment, and the 10 NowCoin registration fee shall be sent by this moment.


1./ Once the registration is over, we are going to create an ordered list from the qualified players, and will publish that list on the dedicated Discord channel "Whale-Olympics": https://discord.gg/x3YPhSj

2./ The game will start, when the first player in the published list receives a certain amount of NowCoin from the "nowcoin-reward-pool" account. This amount will represent the Torch. Receipt of the Torch by the first player is the Start of the game (the lighting of the Torch);

3./ Players will have to pass on the Torch to each other according to the order of the list: the first selected bearer should pass on to the second candidate on the list, the second selected bearer to the third one on the list and so on…. All along until the last player on the list. Passing on the Torch will mean to send exactly the amount of the Torch;

4./ The game goes on until the last player on the list receives the Torch, but not more than 5 days. The Torch has to go all along the listed players in the right order within no more than exactly 5 days from the Start.

5./ If the players can keep the Torch alive and pass it all along in the given order within the deadline, they will split a total bounty of 1000 NowCoin.

This will be a game of cooperation!

You will need to pay close attention to our channels while the game is ongoing… Why is that? Because cooperation and communication between players will be key in this game! We have created a dedicated room on our Discord channel where you can contact and alert other players so you can ensure maximum rewards!

The game goes on until the Torch is successfully passed on to everyone - from the first to the last - in the list. Should you do so, the 1000 NowCoin prize pool for this game is split equally between all participating players!

We require the 10 NowCoin registration fee in order to secure that only those accounts will be listed to play who wish to actively participate, and pass the Torch all along together with the other players.

How to ensure winning the 1000 NowCoin bounty?

As we have mentioned above, this game requires cooperation and communication between the playing NowCoin holders. Each and every participant benefit from passing the Torch and communicating with other players …

If any of the players fail to pass the Torch then no one receives reward!

If you cooperate with other players you have significantly higher chance of getting your hands on some valuable rewards.

Try contacting each other on Discord or Telegram!

We have dedicated a room in our Discord channel where you can let other players know that it's their turn to pass the torch! Alternatively you can try to contact others in our Telegram group.

The Game will be fun, and will hopefully contribute to the building of an active community among the Whales of the Whale Olympics :)

Have fun, and let us know if you have any questions!

Web: https://nowcoingame.com
Game: https://live.nowcoingame.com
Telegram Group: https://t.me/NowCoinCommunity
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/nowcoingame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NowcoinGame
Discord: https://discord.gg/y6rWcvh
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nowcoingame

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