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Hello everyone, here we are to bring a new series of competitions to valued members of the NowCoin community. Let’s join the Whale Olimpics, and play with us!


The Whale Olimpics will be the first premium game of the NowCoin Game. This means that only accounts maintaining a balance of at least 1000 NowCoin will be able to participate in the series of competitions.

The Whale Olimpics will begin on October 1st, and will go on for eight weeks. There will be different competitions every week, where the players will be able to collect a total of 1000 NowCoin bounty in each round.

The eligible players will have to register for the games by sending a small amount of NowCoin to the nowcoin-reward-pool account. This will be declared upon the announcement of each round.

The games will include somebrand new types of competitions and also bounties that the community has played before.

The bounties collected during the weekly competitions will be summed up, and at the end of the Whale Olimpics, an extra 1000 NowCoin will be paid as a reward: the winner will receive a bounty of 500 NowCoin, the second 300 NowCoin and the third 200 NowCoin.

Stay tuned folks, we will announce the first round during the coming week. Let the Whale olimpics begin!

Have fun :)

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Looking foward to it. Thank you

WTF... 1K minimum balance to play. I call bullshit. I know your intent is for smaller accounts to buy more. In reality, your just going to drive smaller accounts to sell and downvote this type of behavior. This elitist type of behavior is what use of crypto currency should discourage, not promote.

Thank you for your comment. We respect all responses and opinions, and will of course continue to have other, lowlimit-entry games as well. Currently the Night Watch Waves is pending, and we will continue to play the lowlimit games as well. Would be interesting however to know if you participated in any of the free previous games before, just to properly weight your opinion on this matter.

No games played so far. To be honest I don't think I would recognize a Now Coin game. Have noticed a few coins added every month. Other than that I had not discovered other use for now coin. Figured I would just keep collecting until another purpose is found or until sold. Is it a low-limit game that adds coins every 30 days? Now I feel like I got to do some research. Still, I think I speak for many when it comes to getting priced out of participation. That's just normal.

Thank you for your response. Nobody will be priced or forced out. NowCoin will be built up to have a working crypto ecosystem. The games are just there to get attention. People like to play and get rewarded. NowCoin however is not just a game. There are normal staking rewards, and coins may be earned through games as well. All these are just an asset for creating something new. Thank you for paying attention to us, and shoot if you have any comment. All feedback appreciated.

schade hab nur 600
Egal nachkaufen werde ich nicht.
Das ist mir zu viel

Kein Problem, wir werden die Lowlimit-Spiele überhaupt nicht schließen. Die Olympiade ist eine neue Wettbewerb, aber ihre Einführung wird nicht bedeuten, dass Spieler mit leichtem Kontostand nicht in der Zukunft spielen könnten. Hast du in der Vergangenheit an einem unserer vorherigen Spiele teilgenommen?

Ich werde auch in diesem.
Finde NowCoin eigentlich am besten.

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