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We played many types and forms of games already during the NowCoin Game, but definitely the Night Watch is the closest to our heart. On the one hand it is a Game that was sourced from the NowCoin Community itself, on the other hand it completely aligns with our vision trying to focus and uphold community attention to NowCoin. Let's replay the Night Watch, in a little different form.


The Game

Historical predecessor of this competition is the famous “The Button” game played on Reddit back in 2015, which you may read about here:

We created a special account for this game: the “nowcoin-night-watch” account, which you may follow on this link:

The “nowcoin-night-watch” account was preloaded with a reward of 100 NowCoin from the “nowcoin-reward-pool”.

To play the game, you will have to send exactly 1 NowCoin to the “nowcoin-night-watch” account. The game will go on as long as 60 minutes passes without an incoming transfer. Such an event — no incoming transfer for sixty minutes — would signal the end of the competition.

Winner: the last account that makes payment of 1 NowCoin to the “nowcoin-night-watch” account will be declared as winner.

Bounty: 100 NowCoin preloaded to the “nowcoin-night-watch” account plus all incoming payments will be transferred to the Winner account.

This time we will not preset and End Date, the Night Watch will continue until 60 minutes passes without and incoming transfer.

Let’s see the details:

All BitShares wallet addresses can play the game, if they send exactly 1 NowCoin to the “nowcoin-night-watch” account. Please note that a payment of less than 1 NowCoin will not qualify, and will not reset the 60 minutes countdown. Should anybody send more than 1 NowCoin, then the countdown will be reset but the extra funds will be retained in the Bounty pool. Make sure to send exactly 1 NowCoin as qualifying transaction.

If the competition ends due to the fact that the “nowcoin-night-watch” account does not receive any incoming transfer for a timeframe of 60 minutes, then the account having made the last transfer will be the winner, and will receive the total balance of the “nowcoin-night-watch” account (100 NowCoin plus all incoming transfers).

You will be able to follow the balance and status of the “nowcoin-night-watch” account here: Please note that this page will be the official blockchain information source concerning this game.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us on any of our channels:

Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:


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This is quite OK @nowcoin
Is this game indefinite?

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What a brilliant game!

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