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Our cryptocurrency, the NowCoin has been listed on one of the coolest crypto aggregator site: CryptoCompare. We have this problem however that the site can not obtain price and market data, as they request information according to their own API specifications. Here is a chance for techies in our community to earn some free NowCoin: solve this problem for us, and get rewarded!


CryptoCompare listed NowCoin under the ticker NWCN. You may find the link of the page here:

As you see, currently there is no data shown, because the BitShares DEX does not provide information in the form requested by CryptoCompare.

CryptoCompare API requirements are the following:

It would be a great help if you would solve this problem for us. Proper CryptoCompare listing is a must to get traction in the global cryptoworld.

Bounty for the first successful solution: 1000 NowCoin.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us on any of our channels:

Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:

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good luck @nowcoin and as always Zoltan, great project all the success you have my support and always great to have you on easydex...