BitShares Synergies: NowCoin Will Utilize And Promote Agorise Projects

in nowcoin •  3 months ago

The true power of the BitShares platform lies in the growing number of organically created projects all around the ecosystem. Every week you see more and more developments starting on BitShares, and eventually all of these projects will continue making BitShares really mainstream in the global cryptoworld.

Upon the creation of the NowCoin project we intentionally chose BitShares as our home platform because of the above reasons. From the very beginning we were seeking a platform which enables us low-level operation, and an organically extending environment where our project can assist and also get assistance from other projects.

The NowCoin project aims to create a real cryptocurrency ecosystem, where both holders and merchants are present, and they together maintain a liquid flow of assets. We wish to solve the main problem around most of the existing cryptocurrencies: lack of widescale commercial acceptance. We wish to create the NowCoin ecosystem step by step. First, we will create the holders via the NowCoin Market Game. The Game will be an unprecedented crypto trader game, whereby we will organize competitions for holders and traders, and will reward them for playing with us. Our concept is to lure in NowCoin holders, reward them and constantly retain their attention. This would create the momentum to attract the merchants, since they will be interested to provide goods and services for an ecosystem with proper capitalization and responsive community.

The various projects promoted by Agorise Ltd give a solid verification to our theory concerning the organic development of the BitShares platform. The PalmPay POS application, whereby merchants will be able to accept NowCoin easily at their shop is just the perfect endpoint application, that may serve our ecosystem perfectly. The multichain wallet project under codename "Carbon" is an other amazing project, which again will directly assist the whole BitShares community, including the NowCoin ecosystem and project. We are seeking active cooperation with Agorise, the sole presence of their projects is very important for us, and we may also serve each other well through crossmarketing and promotion efforts.


This is how working and developing a project on the BitShares blockchain can become so effective. Most projects in the ecosystem have the ability to directly or indirectly assist and promote each other, and this multiplies the power of each individual endeavour.

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Sound fun. Don't forget to check out to.


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Cool project!! I really want Bitshares to get the attention it deserves :)