Seascape II

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Yesterday I headed out to a place I normally shoot seascapes. On my way out I stumbled upon two deers. Normally I see these guys in the edge of the woods, often late in the evening. This is the first time I actually see them venture this far off from their normal environment. They was of coarse aware of my presence, but did not seem to care that much. I went down to the waves to shoot my seascapes, and later that evening we met again for another photo shoot.
Cheers, Erlend

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For et blinkskudd:-) vakkert bilde og nydelige farger.

Almost: "Moose in setting sun". Is this the modern take on that subject?

Haha, that's spot on!
Maritime edition. ;)
Cheers, Erlend

Tror aldri jeg har sett rådyr i sjøkanten, tenk at du fikk fanget det i et så vakkert bilde. Jeg bor rett i skogkanten og møtte to stykker på joggetur i helga. De er flotte dyr.

Ja, det er fine. Normalt ser man bare den hvite bakenden på de mens de setter avsted igjennom skogen, men disse holdt meg under oppsyn og fortsatte med sitt. :)

it's nice that this deer has a company unlike the other one Erlend. I don't understand why they were there when it is not fresh water. are they planning to cross over on the other side of the sea? but anyway what kind of lens do you used on this Erlend? just asking. cheers!

Fabulous landscapephotography.... @erlendgroseth
Enjoy your time . seascape looking wonderful and adding two animals looking more beautiful. . One does not paint a landscape, a seascape, a figure. One paints an impression of an hour of the day.

It's an amazing view to see the deer beside the sea. Sir really you have captured an awesome shot. The sky colour and sea water colour combination make it more beautiful. Lovely photography♥♥♥

Really a spectacular view. I'm overwhelmed. Seeing a picture of someone who has a good mind. Thank you for sharing the picture here.

Like humans they too wanted to relax thier mind I think, that's why they went to the shore, I think is the best place to relax your mind and soul, hope they relaxed thier mind and soul quite well.

Man, the backdrop is stunning..
You're lucky to be living close to a place like that..

The world is a show and the show is a performance of the wealthy, the beautiful and the fortunate. The invulnerable, the matchless and the exclusive live a life like dazzling fish in a scintillating seascape behind glass. Everybody may admire them, but nobody can touch them

Beautifully Photography sir..amazing Photography

photo shot with nature is awesome moment i think

What do they look like in the middle of the ocean?

amazing photo!

Hello Sir, @erlendgroseth
Amazing photography about nature.. You are really a great photographar..Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture. I like your creativity..
Keep sharing sir..

Wishing you all the best.

You've got to see two deer in the open natural environment that is really lucky

This is a beautiful hunting ground.
Like 📷photography

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Great photo! It looks like painted ... great that you caught the animals just like that.

Wow amazing with the deer, what a lovely thing to see!

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