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Today I am going to be talking about waiting, that’s right, waiting.
Waiting is the number one thing that most of us spend most of our time doing; waiting for a result, waiting for the bus, waiting for whoever to come and meet you, waiting for your meal to cook, etc. we all spend a lot of our time waiting and I am pretty certain that you are waiting on something as you are reading this or watching if you are seeing this on my YouTube channel.


This piece is underpinned by one of my favourite books a play called Waiting For Godot the play was written in Paris in the 1940s by the celebrated Irish writer Samuel Beckett. In that period France was experimenting with a movement called absurdism, this movement, led by a French philosopher called Albert Camus sought to explore the dichotomy between the human desire to find meaning and the meaninglessness of life. Camus invites us to explore the tension between these two opposing spectrums and Beckett accepted this invitation with seminal play discussed above.


In this play, the two main protagonists, Vladamir and one other guy, (I cannot recall the name of the other person immediately but it does not really matter) go to a spot in a forest at a certain time every single day hoping to meet a person / being called Godot who they have managed to convince themselves has the answer to all of their lives problems, obviously the play is more detailed and complex than this but this is just a peered down sliver of an understanding of it.


I have made this diversion to give some texture to this topic, I particularly wanted to mention Waiting For Godot because I feel that it captures, quite succinctly, the futility yet hopefulness of the art of waiting, it is a real complex delve into the subject matter.

So, back to the topic waiting, what are you waiting for at the moment and more importantly how are you waiting?


What do you mean by how am I waiting I hear you ask, well, there are different ways of waiting, you can be waiting constructively, negatively or passively, you can wait constructively by either actively pursuing other interests or actively promoting whatever it is that you are waiting for, you can wait negatively by fretting anxiously over whatever it is that you are waiting for as you wait and you can wait passively by just waiting.
Waiting is the one singular activity that all human beings do the most, how you manage this will depend on how you understand the concept of waiting and how you understand the concept of waiting will guide how you are able to manipulate it.
And with that I shall leave it there, leave your comments below and I shall catch you on the rebound.


Excellent! I love how many of us are breaking down core productivity concepts, examining them, and turning them into useful, practical posts which benefit other content producers. Upped and followed. Keep it up...

thanks man, good feedback

Nice post. Upvoted and following u as always. REGARDS Nainaz

thanks princess! :)

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i took care to get images that are free use, but thanks though! :)

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