Notradame burns: The Wasting of Care.

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For those who travel in the circles of occulted information and have a bead on Truth you will have doubtless realized by now that the clock is ticking before a reckoning of sorts for western civilization which will effect the entire world. Fiat currency notes are nearing an inflation point of irrelevancy. The war drums are still loud as ever, and the environment is being actively manipulated and destroyed on an unprecedented scale. The police state rages forward. This could mean and is meaning a number of things for the the fate of the people, including the continued normalization of increasing degrees of human slavery, war, starvation, disease political violence and rebellion. One thing that does seem to be certain to me which is that Chaos and uncertainty is ramping up.

In order to control the chaos to ensure that their maximum long term chaos prevails and that the people dont wise up and rebel like they should. The powers that should not be will try to break the spirit of the humanity to lull us into a deeper stupor of apathy, Ignorance and cowardice, to stave off the the eventual critical flash point as long as possible and to make it as routine subtle and normal as they can, to control the future.

When Ocasio-Cortez said "the world will end in 12 years" maybe we should listen, and not because the carbon emissions are too high from factories (of course they are) and that because of the Co2 in our atmosphere the climate will shift making life uninhabitable. No the climate is changing because shadowy corridors of power control the worlds atmosphere with a combination of heavy metal aeorsal spraying and lazer technologies pioneered by Nikola Tesla, the combination of which can super heat large areas of the sky creating alternative storm and weather listen to cortez because she is a spokes person for an agenda way larger then her, that of Fabian socialism and the globalist totalitarian state. In all honesty 12 years might be a further red haring to it, whatever it is, It could be way sooner then that for all I know, but a sudden move by the invisible hand of power could come at any time furthering the decline of civilization, which brings us to Notradame and the Season of sacrifice.
Every year between the spring equinox and the first of may is the time when in ancient times seed from the field was sacrificed out of respect to nature to ensure a good harvest. This practice was inverted to be a sacrifice of blood by dark occultists to poison the collective consciousness of the world, and continues to this day. Indeed the most horrific events of human history usually land on and between these dates, and The roof of the Notradame cathedral went up in flames on April 15. Now I know some who read this will likely say that sometimes a fire is just a fire and was probably an accident. This could be True but I dont think so, for a multitude of reasons. First because it came after a series of church fires across France, and on the same day arguably the most important mosque in Jerusalem also caught fire. Second because of the Uprising taking place in Paris. Third because of religious/ ethnic tensions in Europe. Fourth because it's in the season of sacrifice. And lastly the the most important reason is becasue of what these buildings symbolize.
When I was 10 I had the luxury of getting to visit Notradame though I did not go inside as it was closed due to the ongoing renovations. One of the most striking things I remember about that trip was just how impressive and sophisticated the architecture of some of the sites I got to see was. Christianity was not a creed that held sway over me, but the art and architecture of the christian world was deeply inspiring and no doubt helped put me on the artists path. Yet the art of Notradame is not technically Christian it was built at a time when paganism was still practiced although covertly by the much of Europe. And the masons and craftsmen of the great cathedrals of Europe hailed from the generations of Celts and ancient druids and left reminders of these traditions in the form of gargoyles on these buildings. Later The hermetic/ alchemical renaissance also left its mark on this building and many other cathedrals of Europe. The ancient Kemetian science being rediscovered brought Christendom around full circle to face its progenitor and that of paganism. This resulted in one of the most forgotten wars of history The 30 years war in Europe where Catholicism faced off against the Magick/ hermetic/alchemical revival in Bohemia. Catholicism was victorious in Europe which is why most of the art coming out of the renaissance era is clothed in Christianity but to those who know how to look they will see that the Greater occult/pagan/ kemetian mysteries mysteries flow through the work. Indeed Catholicism stole everything from previous traditions usually twisting the meanings of symbols along the way, and perpetuated the inquisition to stamp out the teachings of the True Mystery traditions. So I say to all the people who are ignorantly applauding the burning of Notradame I know organized religion is horse shit and chock full of pedophile rapists. but dont put yourself on par with book burners! Remember the spirit of the beings who actually fashioned those stones who laid the timber and painted the glass these were some of the most enlightened souls of their time who preserved in a very real way part of the living mystery which STILL stands as a testament to the Will of the Creative spirit!
Notradame means "Our lady" in french which should be clue to those who are paying attention to what is happening with this event. Every year some of the most powerful men in the world gather in northern California at a place called bohemian grove where they partake in a ritual called the Cremation of Care. where a human effigy is ritualistically burned symbolizing the participants "Care" burning away so they can continue to do unspeakable acts of evil with out hesitation. Care as well as Intuition, nurturing, creativity and healing are all representative of the Sacred feminine essence of creation that is symbolized by Freya, Inanna, Venus, and Mary and many other goddesses across the world, and which the Sorcerers of control are trying to stamp out from both Men and Women. it is this essence combined with masculine Reason and logic that fosters conscience and right action within humanity. Without a care we will just passively accept any and all tyranny.
It is my intuition that Notradame was ignited during the season of sacrifice as a part of the ritual cremation of care the burning of "our lady" This at a time when Paris is rioting so as to demoralize and poison the psychic field of the movement and the world at large. My hunch is that the same technology mentioned above that is used to irradiate the Ionosphere was used to start the fire of Notradame as well as the unusual fires in California over the past year as a part of the greater war on Nature itself.
Another important aspect of this event is the astrological timing aside from the solar calendar. Jupiter entered retrograde on april 10 symbolizing Jupiter/ Zeus/ Thor/ Enki shadow coming to the for front. Expansion of thought is turned to excess debauchery and waste. Righteousness becomes easily inverted. Utilized correctly this may be a good time to re calibrate ones relationship to indulgences and vocation as blessings and benevolence are thin at this time. Zeus was notorious for cheating on his wife Hera, and its because of the shadow of this planetary energy. In the same way the sacred feminine was desecrated by the excessive conflagration of Notradame. As many are pointing out it seems ludicrous that in 24 hours a billion dollars has been raised for the restoration of the structure when that money could be spent feeding and empowering the world, perhaps this is more Jupiter in retrograde excess. At the same time much of the world is fixated on Hollywood's latest sorcery Game of Thrones, which me being new to the show seems to be quite the spectacle of debauchery and excess fitting the bill of Jupiter in retrograde, and capturing the attention millions who might otherwise be investigating these events, because The people who orchestrate events such as this are known to use astrology to their advantage "millionaires dont use astrology, Billionaires do" -J.P. Morgan-.
As an artist this event has left me feeling deeply uneasy especially after observing some of the general public's disdain for the building. It seems that the postmodern spirit of nihilistic relativism is stronger then ever.


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