"Notice The Remarkable" contest #6 | Enter for a chance to win 500 ORGANDUO tokens!

The rule is simple:

  • Post something remarkable from your day that you did, saw or overheard.

Optional (helps fund future contests):

  • Upvote this post.
  • Resteem this post.
  • Follow me.
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After 24 hours, I will award 500 ORGANDUO to one lucky Steemian based on what I thought was the most remarkable to me!

What can I do with the ORGANDUO tokens?

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    (max 500 ORGANDUO = 100% upvote from @organduo.voter, any extra ORGANDUO is refunded)
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  • HODL them and increase your token holdings!

Good luck!

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I was comforting @principal8 this evening as she was having nightmares. I was telling her there was nothing to be afraid of. Then I turned around and @leysa was standing behind me and it scared the living daylights out of me! !giphy boo

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!giphy sheepishly

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...and when you turned back to @principal8 she scared you too?

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Today it was 34 degree Celsius (about 93F) in October! We are only just into the second month of spring. A very strange occurrence.

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Amazing! Today we have only 11 C.

The price of Steem... 13c now 11c

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!giphy eyeroll

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Today I made video for Secrets of Organ Playing contest. I hope to sumbit it soon.

Also I went to Pilaitė (another side of city) to get a toy book for my nephew.

And it was remarcable for me that I wasn't late to lecture

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If you had a car, you could travel very fast. Or a e-scooter.

I plan to have a car one day. But now I don't think that I need it. Now I can use public transport for half price

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...And earn more AFIT tokens...

Yes! Now I have 3k Afit tokens. How much do you have them? 🙃

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Greetings again today I arrived from my work and entered Steemit, despite the decline in the currency Steem, I continue to make my publications, I found the drawing of our friend @deemarshall and I began to make the digitization of the drawing with the Gimp and Inkscape programs, leaving ready and published in the contest.

Did you notice that besides giving you rewards, Steem makes you learn new skills which actually increases your market worth? !organduo 500

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Thanks friend

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