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I made breads yesterday in the afternoon for our breakfast today. My daughters love it when I make them bread, it is something that takes time, is kneaded and the dough should be allowed to rise (lifting) for approximately 2 hours, then the bread is shaped and left for 2 more hours (growing) ) and finally they bake. In about 5 hours I make the breads approximately.

Here they are lifting


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@sapolasa submitted his entry for your contest week 39 and he played the entire Mendelssohn Sonata in C minor. He was also curated by @curie. Well deserved!

This morning @contrabourson showed me this video about Australian magpies attacking bicyclists and pedestrians. I think this was worth making a remark about:

Finally I understood what 'swooping magpies' means

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Do you want to experience it?

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It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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You mean first and last experience at once?

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!giphy magpies

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!giphy angry+birds

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contrabourSon 🤣

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Today I noticed that number of week for Pinky and Spiky drawing contest was announced 40. I remembered that last week numbes was 79. Perhaps Spiky is still afraid after flight... Or it is new counting system of Pinky and Spiky

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Today they cleaned my ear because I had a wax plug that blocked my hearing. The consequences of cleaning the ears a lot with swabs.

Hello, how are you?
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I went through the drive through at McDonald’s to buy coffee and I had to get out of the car because I left my wallet in the boot. !giphy awkward

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