What did we do wrong

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What did we do wrong? It destroyed the red-seed regime and set up a new regime. I expected a lot would change. Three and a half years later, the hot expectations and aspirations of that time have changed with bitter self-defense and cold cynicism.

Why did this happen? I 쒀 and because I was a dead man. Those who came to power after the revolution sold the revolution for their own benefit.

Those who entered the revolution were of worse quality than the enemy of the revolution. Why did this happen? Perhaps the biggest reason is that he was more about whom than what to do and how to do it.

One is an incredible being. Because human beings are imperfect. Believing in a person is so stupid. Especially those in power should not believe. Those in power do not know what to do. That's why you have to keep a good eye on it.

The nonsense we are experiencing today is because we believed in someone we should not believe. Moon Jae-in's era is on its way. New figures come to mind. Despite the failure, we are still in a dent in who we choose over what to do. So Lenin's pamphlet "What will you do?" is at the heart of the problem we are experiencing.

Yoon Seok-ye, Lee Jae-myung, and Lee Nak-yeon's support is news. But we have no idea what they will do and how. How to solve the problem of wealth imbalance ? What will you do with the labor issue? What will North-South relations do? I don't know anything.

Lee Jae-myon and Lee Nak-yeon are highly exposed to the public, but they don't really know what policies and mindsets he has. Their appearance is nothing more than a very fragmentary manipulated image.

Moon Jae-in has also been president so far with manipulated images. Now this is just the way it appears.

Therefore, the expectation that Yoon Seok-yeon and Lee Jae-myung will solve the problems we face is foolish. No matter who becomes president, among them Yoon Seok-yeon, Lee Jae-myung, and Lee Nak-yeon, it is hard to get better than the current situation. For they too will be faithful instruments of service to the capital.

The Republic of Korea is a cause political party, but the lawmakers we have voted for never represent our intentions. They are only speaking for those who have given their nominations. The democratic electoral system is seemingly plausible, but it is nothing more than a huge fraud drama.

The public is easily fooled by fraud. Moon Jae-in's show-toning is also because he knows it well.

It is so pointless to look at a new person again, angered by the situation we are experiencing now. The Act on the <더불어민주당> and < Of the People> agreed.

In addition, the power of the Democratic Party and the people does not represent the interests of the public and the pop people. It is natural that actions, not words, are criteria for evaluating people or political parties. In addition to agreeing to the Act on the Prevention of Serious Disasters, both the Democratic Party and the People's Party serve the interests of the chaebu and the capital, not the people and workers.

<정의당> we know that the helper is a worse foot.

If we can't put bad people in the trash of history, it's hard for us to take on garbage.

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