Effective Note Taking: The Cornell Method

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You must be wondering why I should worry about note taking even after completion of my graduation and there is no need to take notes. The thinking of yours is wrong as note taking is not restricted to only students but it does require to everyone who works and does business.

Have you ever wonder after listening to a complete lecture and end up in no clue what the lecturer has taught just now. There were few times when I was in university, I faced the same problem. Then I learned that taking notes can help us to understand the main idea and allow us to study even after many days of the lecture.

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Some people prefer to take notes in laptops. If you go to any universities, you may see a bunch of students holding their laptops and typing down the notes that the lecturer is explaining. There is an evidence saying that people who take notes using a laptop tent to write double number of words than those who use pen and book.

However, here comes the important point. People who use laptop for taking notes are more likely to type each and every word the professor says, which resulted in not paying attention to the actual subject. Therefore, they may not understand the topic completely unless they study their notes when they go home. This means they are doing an extra work, which is not actually required for those who take notes using a pen and a good book.

Research shows that taking notes by hand is better than taking notes on a laptop for remembering conceptual information over the long term. "Our new findings suggest that even when laptops are used as intended -- and not for buying things on Amazon during class -- they may still be harming academic performance. Source

Out of many methods out there to take notes effectively such as the Outline method, the Mind mapping method and the Cornell method, I feel the Cornell method, which is invented in the Cornell university, is way easier to implement and effective. Since taking notes is kind of multi-tasking which includes listening and writing, we need to adapt to easy method yet effective. How to use Cornell method is explained down below.

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You are going to divide the page into three to four rectangular sections as shown in the image. You can write topic and date at the right hand side of the page. The first column of the page should be included with keywords and questions and main subheadings. The second column should be filled with the explanations of that keywords. This may include dates, examples, diagrams, definitions, formulae and even pictures. And the last rectangular box should be included with the summary and what you have learned in this class. You could also include any questions you want to go through at home. Make a habit of using abbreviations in order to get the perfect notes.

Try to avoid taking bad notes. Taking bad notes is a result of disturbances you get while listening to a lecture or a meeting. Avoid procrastinating by avoiding social media and sometimes your friends just until the end of the lecture. In order to improve your writing and listening, you could study the subject prior to the lecture. This helps a lot when you are aiming for greater comprehension.


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Nice post! I agreed with you that the importance of note taking while lectures are going on cannot be over-emphasised, because it enable you to recap and remember what you are thougth. I follow and upvote you.

The cornell method you explain is very helpful ..The idea of dividing a page into four part i think very helpful in which we can note down all key words that are important for us

Me have also a habit of typing down notes in labtop .From onwards i will apply this procedure..

Do you actually draw those three lines separating the three parts or are those imagined?

We need to draw those lines in order to form the method.

Thanks for the clarification. Wasn't sure if it was just a visual aid.

The method will definetely take high interests for the one who have a lot of deal with taking notes . The new organizing mode is very good and the way we put things on paper is just perfect .
I think this will be one of the things that will take Note on a new level.

Taking organized and thoughtful notes can help improve your understanding and recall of what you have learned in class.

Very informative and helpful note taking tips for students and for anyone who needs to learn things more effectively. Great article and the style of your presentation is very impressive. Thabk you.

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I had no idea what the 'Cornell method' was, until I read this post. These are skills which if taught formerly at an orientation phase, could spell the difference between success and failure. Perhaps out of necessity and determination, some will develop his own methods, while others will give up. It would appear I have used the Cornell method as a student and beyond into professional life, taking notes while listening to clients or at conferences, etc. The margins of a note page become populated with keywords that stand out from what the person said. The centre of the page becomes filled with salient bits of information one needs to record accurately. At the base of the note paper, I'd write points which appear to clash, do not yet gel into the overall picture, areas where my curiosity takes me, or which require testing or exploration by further reading or enquiry. Most often, the base of the page or other portions of the centre, are highlights with question marks. I can't imagine a laptop being used for such an exercise. It would immediately appear to be a useless tool for note taking. Even as a method to research something, such and exercise is done after the lecture is over. I have observed that laptops are a distraction during lectures and serve to place a barrier between student and lecturer.