A note to my followers on Steem

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I just want to give a quick note that I wont be using the Steem blockchain for serious posting, especially the data analysis posts. I will do just some short posts here, as you may have noticed from the previous days.


I will be posting those only on the Hive blockchain, even if they are related to the Steem blockchain.

It should be interesting to do some analysis comparing the both chains data in the future and I will do those but only on Hive.

I have hit the powerdown button for STEEM and once I'm out I wont be doing any curating and supporting other users here. Not that my vote was huge, but still :).
I may leave some small amount of SP for manna if I play some games here, although I hope they will come to Hive as well.

I want to say that personally I'm against tribalism and everything that comes with it.
But this is different. What we have seen here is one arrogant rich kid completely ignoring everyone just to get his way. This is why all the shit in the real world happen. Arrogant narcissist people absorbed only by them self acting in a crazy way, and all the nice people are just leaving them to do things, not fighting back.

What I ask my self is this.

How much will I earn posting on Steem?

A 500$ per year, a 1000$? Is this worth selling my ideals?


I sure understand if people need this money to eat and survive, but I can leave without it.

At the end a note to the Korean community.

I have a high opinion for the Korean people I have met here. I find most of them highly educated and polite persons. I personally I'm against the exclusion of the community, and I believe there is a way for the community to be included. I think there can be discussions and a way forward. Just establish some discussion first.

With this said wish everybody all the best.


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