We (Álfheimr) made a transformational festival in Norway last year! / Vi (Álfheimr) lagde en transformell festival i Norge i fjor!

in norway •  last year

Me and a bunch of like minded friends like @tryptameme & @sortna are the people behind an event crew going by the name of Álfheimr. Last year after almost 2 years of planning we made a transformational festival in Finnskogen, Norway.

Jeg og en gruppe venner med felles interesser er del av ett eventcrew som heter Álfheimr. I fjor etter ca 2 år med planlegging og organisering arrangerte vi en transformell festival i Finnskogen.





We were lucky enough to get help from the Sami Shaman Kjetil throughout our festival in the healing area. Kjetil also held a few authentic drum circles for us!

Vi var heldige nok til å få hjelp av den Samiske Shamanen Kjetil i healingområdet på festivalen. Kjetil holdt også ett par autentiske trommesirkler for oss!







Before the festival last year we had hosted several smaller underground events and had gotten some great feedback.

Før festivalen i fjor hadde vi arrangert flere mindre undergrundsarrangementer med positive tilbakemeldinger.






Art of flow made a firespace for our festival and held the flowers active!

Art of flow skapte ett firespace for oss på festivalen og holdt flowerne aktive!





The festival had two music stages, one playing psytrance and the other alternative music, chillout & techno.

Festivalen hadde 2 scener med musikk. En som spilte psytrance og en med alternativ musikk, chillout og techno.





The barn got turned into an art gallery and healing area for the gathering.

Låven ble gjort om til ett kunstgalleri og healingområde for samlingen.




We was a bit unlucky with the weather during the festival and got several days of rain. Luckily the guests was in such a good mood they didn't seem to mind the rain!

Vi var litt uheldige med været under festivalen og fikk flere dager med regn. Heldigvis var gjestene i såpass godt humør at ingen så ut til å bry seg stort om regnværet!








Here's most of the lineup from the event:

Her er mesteparten av lineupen fra eventet:


You can find out more about our crew Álfheimr here

Several of these photos are taken by Dlovsnej

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The pics look amazing, wish I could have been there. :)


maybe on a future edition ;)

Looks like a magical place to relax and enjoy the nature


Maybe one day you will come to Norway and perform some of your music for us ^_^


would really love to. I hope some time in the future i will :))

It was indeed a special gathering!! I can't wait for the next one! Big up to the Oslo-crew, making party's worth going too!

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looking forward to our next edition :D


and very soon upcoming event! :D


I'm planning to make a blog post about the 2 day gathering on here also after we have had it ;)

Great pics - really gives a sense of the vibe there. Thanks for sharing :)

That was a nice one ;)

That is so cool! :) I hope I can join someday!

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