Our sunday hike to Rundtindvannet.

in norway •  3 months ago


On this great september day we went on a hike to Rundtindvannet east of Narvik in the Skjomen mountains. A perfect autumn day with nice temperatures around 15 degrees. Rundtindvannet is situated 700 meters above sea level.

This is our best shots from the trip.


The peak Dumålsfjellet (1408m).


Coffee time.


The peak Rundtinden (1455m).




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Great hiking this has been for you beautiful shots along the way looks like an awesome day you all had :)

No wonder you had a great time buddy :)

Awesome shots

woow,a very great photography my friend,@solbadans

Very peaceful place..it would be a great day for u..Beautiful photographs..

Very peaceful place..it would be a great day for u..Beautiful photographs..

Norway is beautiful!
Shot beautiful!

Really amazing place for travelling. I appreciate your brilliant photography. Thank you so much for sharing your travelling moments.

Perfect shots on a perfect day. These are stunning

This is a great adventure tour sir thanks for bringing us amazing pictures.

Wow @solbadans this is wonderful once again you have made me feel happy,take care dear friend.

Wao very wonderful photography,such a very amazing pics,Mountains looks so beautiful,I like coffee to much,Very impressive photography,thanks for sharing.

Very beautiful photography. You take a very careful photo shoot on a steep rock that makes a very impressive natural landscape. I like photography of your work. Thank you for sharing.