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in norway •  20 days ago

February 3. The Norwegian Tourist Association arranged "Get out the day."
Today​ across Norway, 40,000 people attended this event.
Throughout the country, volunteers from 175 local tourist associations were active in organising outdoor activities for the youngest who, together with their parents, could participate in many activities.
In addition to playing in the snow, one could test both obstacle courses, hiking trails, toboggan runs, jump on skis, barbecue on the campfire and many other challenges.
The Norwegian Tourist Association believes it is crucial for children and young people to gain positive experiences with nature and fresh air.




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I love camping with kids.
It's good when you introduce a child to sports since childhood.


Temper and teach skiing and skating.
Such children grow up disciplined and healthy.
Thanks for the photos, @Siggjo.

I think it was a lot of fun.


Yes, it was a lot of fun @Singa
Both the children and their parents had a lovely day in the snow.