Addiction to the phone : are you nomophobe ?

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According to statistics, nearly 75% of the world's population own at least one mobile phone.
Talking, taking pictures, exchanging text messages, consulting social networks, internet (...) all these actions that make us addicted to the smartphone.

  • What is nomophobia ?
  • What are her symptoms and can she be treated ?



The word "nomophobia" comes from the contraction of the phrase "no mobile-phone phobia", which means an excessive fear of being separated from your mobile phone. This is both classic phobia and addiction.

How is nomophobia manifested ?

Every nomophobic person is addicted to his smart phone, this feeling grows up to the phobia of being deprived of his mobile phone.

Below I give you some clues that can help to know if you are nomophobic or not :

  • Your first instinct when you wake up is to look at your phone and use it.
  • You always check your phone, regardless of time and place.
  • You are afraid of losing your phone, breaking it, or having it stolen.
  • When the battery of your phone is discharged, you feel idle.
  • You prefer to communicate via phone than to actually meet people !



Nomophobia symbolizes rather the fear of being "cut off from the world" or the fear of being bored. Michael Stora, founder of the Observatory of Digital Worlds in Human Sciences even says "It goes beyond boredom, it is an avoidance of his own thinking. ".

Be careful, this new phobia is not to be taken lightly, because it can sometimes endanger the lives of individuals. Some people absolutely want to quit their lack quickly, and therefore consult their phone driving, for example, which is unconscious.

What is the care and solution of this neurosis ?

If you suffer from this new psychological illness and you do not want to be dependent on your mobile phone, you can wean yourself by closing your cell phone a little longer or forcing yourself out the house from time to time for example ... However, a more severe nomophobia may require psychological care, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.



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