DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - SOLDIERS - day 48-49

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What soldiers to build?

Today I will start to talk about what soldiers to build. First of all you need to build some of all types. The reason is that your soldiers shoot at the enemy and there is up to 5 rounds in a battle. So if you have only 1 type of soldiers and the enemy has 10 types. You will shoot 1 time each round and the enemy will shoot 10 times on your 1 type of soldiers each round. If all your soldiers are dead in the first or second round the game ends. If both partys have soldiers left when the fifth round ends, it will be a draw.


This Soldier (if you can call him that) has a unik thing that can be used as a tactic. THE ENEMY CAN NOT KILL HIM WHEN THEY ATTACK YOU. If you attack the enemy with the HOBO, he kill himself after the first round.
So a possible tactic is to have many HOBO's. That way the enemy know that you can attack him back right away after he has attacked you.

You first send a spy to see what he has left and then retaliate with enough HOBO's. For this tactic to be effective you must have many, many HOBO's because he is a wimp when it comes to fighting. He is cheap to buy so you should consider it.


To be continued.....


This blog is about DrugwarS so you can write about anything you like to say!

@Ramta Reddington - the boss


I love the Monty Python reference! Have a nice day, @ramta.

Hi @mermaidvampire - @aokiji

I did not know that @beiker attacked you either.
I just attacked him with more than 4000 soldiers, we will see how it goes. But I can tell you one thing for sure. He will soon have no more soldiers.

There are more Vikings that will attack him tonight!

Have a wonderful evening.....

PS. He got this message along with the soldiers: "You should never have attacked aokiji and the Vikings."

Wow! Thanks! No one actually attacks me, just him. I know Norway has a reputation and players don't touch us but I was surprised when he attacked me 3x and everyday since then. Thanks, I appreciate this.

Hello @aokiji

I did not know that @beiker attacked you. I just attacked him.
Value of losses:
WEAPONS: -347.4k
ALCOHOL: -284.7k

You do not attack Vikings and get away with it!
Have a nice day

Thanks!!! You guys are amazing. I appreciate this.

Have a wonderful @ramta

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Hello boss,

it is very well explained, I tried to analyze the subject and I think you all said, thank you boss.

It’s a very effective attack tactic, I'd like to know a lot about defense tactics, and what are the best soldiers for a good defenses (put the viking logo, it's the first step, I find that it is 80% of success and especially that they leave us a margin to build 👍).

thank you dear @ramta reddington for the information, it's a very good job 👍👍


Hi boss @ramta,
I just sent you a request to add me to the VIKINGS on Drugwars, that's it I will start this great adventure and become a VIKING

(Victory or death)

Regards @Redouanemez

Welcome to the Vikings @RedouaneMez

Communication from the boss of the Vikings [NORWAY]
is found with a click here and the latest post: by the "steemit.com" link on this page in "MY GANG"

Regards - the boss
@Ramta Reddington

Excellent review @ramta and it is very interesting to learn about the soldiers and get to know the rest!

Truly the mighty drugwar is still on steemit

i am still learning on the way

Hi, I have been receiving questions regarding drugwars on the Obyte platform (the same platform the Future token is on). Seems you might be trying to contribute by providing advice for new players. If you have the time, please help to provide some advice on the Obyte platform.

Here is a recent question:
how to complete jobs in DrugWar?
Answer with #Obyte Know-it-all : https://particiate.net/?#@481

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