DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - HELPFUL - day 5

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The Vikings are known for their beliefs (VALHALLA), exploring the world and new games to play. MEET THE VIKINGS ON THE BATTLEGROUD AND YOU WILL REGRET YOU WAS EVER BORN INTO THIS WORLD. - "I did all my best tradeoff's with the Vikings"- @Ramta Reddington

Helping the whole Viking gang

The word helpful means - Providing assistance; useful. The Vikings are known for taking care of each other. We think the best way of helping will come from the comments in this post and the posts to come.

It is easier to help when the problem is known. We follow the advise of Albert Einstein: "You Can Not Solve Current Problems With Current Thinking - Current Problems Are The Result Of Current Thinking".
That is one of the reasons why you need to speak to the other members of the Viking gang.

So as you see the Vikings give each other new thoughts in the comments field.

That was my message about our tactics today, that will help every Viking to win in the game.

Time for music!

I have said it before and I say it again: "Every Viking will be a STAR"

@Ramta Reddington


Hi boss,

Since the first day I saw your steemit profile, I have read the proverb "You Can Not Solve Current Problems With Current Thinking - Current Problems Are The Result Of Current Thinking" and I have really enjoyed it.
It's a proverb that affects the whole of life (work, health, human relations, and even politics...).

As you said, it's easier to find the solution if we know exactly what the problem is (in the medical world they say that knowing the disease and the cause of it is 50% of the cure).

My quote for your poste today is:

"The army believes that the most important element in a management career is its ability to lead a team",

I see that the group is very well led, thanks to its organization that starts with the leader until the last soldier, of course there are always intruders who melt a little noise, but with the Vikings they will disappear early....!

Here is my music of today !!

Have a good day dear @ramta and all the team :)

See you tomorrow...


Hello Mr. @Aminealaoui (our second 13th. warrior from Morocco)

Thank you for your lovely music.

I have many friends from Morocco on Steemit and in Norway. I respect them highly in many ways.
One day I will visit Morocco myself.

I saw your comment yesterday about your skills. I will keep that in my mind.

I bow for your great music
@Ramta Reddington


Hi to all members from Jarl @Onebitnews (Jarl is something like Capo in viking language)
We, the Vikings, are a helpful people when it comes to our family and all of you in the gang are to be seen upon as family.
When you are in the family you will get assistance in mostly everything you need. That be from simple questions about the game to all out war to destroy your enemies.
The only thing you cant do is to go against your King`s (Boss) rules.
Our King is @Ramta Reddington for you who were in doubt.
If any one has any questions for me feel free to contact me here at the daily post that our King is posting.

Until next time - VALHALLA -

Viking ære.jpg

Hello Boss. CAPO @EveryDayCoach Rank 20
I'm Back, Have been in Poland and learned some underground drugwars tricks.
I guess we are still at NO ATTACK modus?
My army is also groing, yet I'm still far behind you. I'm Focusing on building up my production line for now.
I will not reveal my total army here, but I have 100 spy's

Maybe Capo @TommyHansen Have a recomendation for what we should focus on. I see that you have a lot of spy's I know they have 1 in protection, should we have more of these?

Best regards Capo @EveryDayCoach

Soon we will kick ass:-)

Hi Capo @everydaycoach
Welcome back from holyday. Hope it was great.

Capo's do not attack anyone at the moment.
Rowdy's is the only soldier to recommend just now. No exception, get yourselfe as many as you can.


CAPO - @TommyHansen - Drill Sergeant Major

I’m following your advice. I now got 1600 rowdies. Will continue to produce more:-)
Holiday was great, good food, great company and Gdańsk is a nice place to visit!

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every day I make several attacks on 5 to 10 members but sometimes I find members who do not play anymore or they enter once every 2 days on these accounts, they are full of resources but they have a lot of defenses, so I need to share these members with Viking members who are stronger than me to enjoy it, we need a chat group.

Hello Mr. @Morocroft (one of our 13th. warrior's)

When the enemy have a lot of defenses it never pays of to rob him, no matter how strong you are.
The reason is that you loose more soldiers than you gain in resources.

It will be like hell on the battlefield later and we save our armies to protect us all when the times come.
Here is my personal army at the moment: Rowdy: 4913, Super Bouncer: 303, Knifer: 100, Gunman: 100, Spy: 950, Sniper:128, Hitman: 100, Ninja: 100, Big Mama: 80, Bazooka Guy: 50; Mercenary: 60 and growing every day.

If you like to know about how to build the most effective army (prepared for use or action, especially in combat), talk to this Viking:

CAPO - @TommyHansen - Drill Sergeant Major - Drill officer of the highest rank in a company or unit of battalion size. He knows how to build an army that wipes out the enemy before breakfast. He knows what army you should have so the enemy can not steal your drugs anymore. He has a license to remove a gang from the face of the earth.
Do we need to say more about @TommyHansen ?

Just write a reply and start with: "CAPO - @TommyHansen - Drill Sergeant Major" and he will answer.

Have yourself a wonderful day
@Ramta Reddington

yes you're right on losing more troops that you will gain resources.
But if the opponent is inactive then I will enjoy more each day.
For now I make only troops attacks especially ninja faster and not bad in defense.
Thank you very much @ramta

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Dear @Morocroft
At the moment the Rowdy is the best to use, both in attack and defence.
I can not explain to you why because I do not want the enemy to know.
I will try to keep us all updated when the rules change.

Capo @TommyHansen

Ok,I note your advises.thank you so much Dear @tommyhansen

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