DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - EVERY DAY - day 46

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Hello everybody in the Viking gang

I am not going to use this blog to tell you why I was not here. There are so many reasons, both about DrugwarS and outside of the game.

I will make a promise

There will be a new blog every day as intended from the start. If I do not feel I have anything to say, the new blog will be out anyway so you can speak with each other on a regularly basis. When I make a promise I try to keep it, always.

The winner of the last blog is: @aminealaoui

Just send the Name, Address and what size to @Fender in a secret message and you will receive the T-shirt in the mail.

I got your last secret message to @Fender , I just did not answer I am sorry. The answer is build every soldier there is. The reason is that if you build only one type of soldier you shoot only once, if you build 10 different soldiers you shoot 10 times at the enemy.

Today the winner of a T-shirt will be the first that write a comment that give us all a tip about DrugwarS.

We where so early in the DrugwarS game. That is a good thing for the future. But it is very hard when everything change all the time. Then you need a new start because you where just thrown in the game and never really started the right way. So the new start is today! Are you with me when I say this?

@Ramta Reddington


Hello Dear @ramta Reddington,

First of all I thank you for everything. I have the honour to participate with you in this platform and to be a member of the Vikings...!

Your absence left a void in the group, but I knew that you will probably have an obstacle that limits you a little...!

Thank you also for the answer. For the moment, that's what I'm doing, build different soldiers (a little bit of all, depending on my production) and at the same time progress in storage buildings and production buildings, so I maintain a balance and do not leave the enemy the opportunity to attack me...!

Welcome back boss, we're all happy to see you again:)


At last, I missed you big boss!!!

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Great congratulations @aminealaoui_

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Congratulations my friend @aminealaoui it's another honor to Moroccans :)
I want to inform you @ramta that @aminealaoui is someone serious and who will be a good member of the Viking.

Thank you boss :)

Have a good day


Thank you very much @ramta, you know that thanks to you, @gyldenhorn, @barbro and all the other Norvegians, I started to love Norway and I hope one day to be able to visit it.

I'm a fan of former Norwegian footballer Solskjær, who is now coach of Manchester United, and as I love football I remember that I loved watching him play when I was a boy :)


Thank you dear @redouanemez,

You are the first moroccan honor, you are a good serious person too.

Glade to knowing you :)


Thank you dear @aminealaoui, I am also happy to have the chance to be one of your friends :).


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