DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - BEHIND SCENES 2 - day 63-76

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This post is going to be a very important one. Me and the CAPO's and @morocroft are working our butt's off to make the other gangs leave you alone. We will succeed, it will only take some time. Some of you want to farm more than going to war. As a Viking you have the right to do so. Your leaders will protect you. You are as valuable as any Viking.

What to do....

When someone send you a SPY, this is what you answer with your SPY:

How nice of you to visit the Vikings. It can be dangerous not to leave a message. It is usually seen upon as aggression. Have a nice day ;-)
PS. We will wait for your answer....

If they then attack you, you let us know in this post or the posts to come, and we will deal with it.

If you go to war on other GANGS you are on your own. We do not fight other GANGS at the moment.

Sun Tzu - The Art of War and the history of all wars itself - combined with Vikings belief: The mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another: My belief in you is as strong as ever.


It is fun to be a VIKING

One of the reasons it is fun to be a Viking is that we share what we get.

The Vikings are known for their beliefs (VALHALLA), exploring the world and new games to play. MEET THE VIKINGS ON THE BATTLEGROUD AND YOU WILL REGRET YOU WAS EVER BORN INTO THIS WORLD. - "I did all my best tradeoff's with the Vikings"- @Ramta Reddington

So in this post you will get some of my tradeoff's with the Vikings. It will be very important to have STEEM POWER in the future (why will come later HF 21).

Here is how easy you Vikings get more STEEM POWER:

  1. You just reply to this post, write what you want and finish with this sentence: "Oh Yeah, POWER me up with 3 STEEM"
  2. @fender - Our Head of Security - will then answer you and Power Up your STEEM POWER account directly.

The Viking Gang still in Second Place

Thank you, really all of you for keeping us in second place as we planned. I see clearly now that with a GANG like you Vikings we will stay in second place. You are fantastic so I hope you are proud of it.

Yes, we will be legends - thanks to all of you.

I think some of you tried to send me a message with TRANSPORT but there is a bug or something because the message in TRANSPORT does not work. You can write a message but it never reach the player you write it to. Now you know ;-)

No one mess with the Vikings

I have to go back to the game there is so much I need to do for us.

@Ramta Reddington


Hello, and thank you for accepting me into your gang! I'm Calvin, I'm a music and video producer, 30 years old, I used to live in Sweden but currently in Spain, so I understand a little Norwegian, and I can't wait to be a part of your future adventures!

Unfortunately, I do come to you in a time of need. A player has been bullying me for weeks now. He was using me as a farm, when I politely asked him to stop, he said "make me an offer", which I rejected. He proceeded to attack me with his army that's far greater in numbers for weeks to come. He would usually send 2~3k troops a few times a day. So I would just send my troops away and spend my resources every time I saw him coming, a couple of times I managed to avoid him and amass more troops, and defeat his few thousand, at which point he just proceeds to mass attack me with tens of thousands. Frankly, it's getting a little too stressful and the game starts to take too much of my day and becomes not fun.

So why not just change my username and photo? I guess I might... I believe in standing up to bullies, and that's why I'm here as a last resort, I have a few thousand troops right now I'm willing to send, but it's not enough. I understand his army is pretty intemidating, and he's in a pretty big gang, so if you guys advise me to just change my username and photo, I'll proceed with that. Any other thoughts, please let me know.

A screenshot of his attacks: https://imgur.com/a/EBaP3O1
A screenshot of me spying him earlier: https://imgur.com/a/65nkMLP

Thank you for having me and your time!

Hello @CalvinWest

Here is the message I sent with a SPY to George Smiley.

Hello George I come to visit because you are attacking our member CALVINWEST. Can we talk about the matter or is a full scale war the only solution? Have a nice day ;-)

So we will wait and see what the answer will be.

Welcome to the gang - the Boss

@ramta hey, since I'm new to gangs, which building do you prefer I send resources to?

And does the group have a discord or telegram group for easy and private communications? I would suggest that to be considered. I may be new to gangs, but I know how to run a business ;)

Hi @calvinwest, we have a new group on discord for our gang Viking
have a nice day.

Thanks man, he's messaging me "why did you go crying to daddy". I'm not going to answer to avoid further provocation.

Hi @ramta, forgive me if I speak badly the English language, I too am regularly attacked and offended by George.
I asked for explanations and he continues to offend.george smiley.PNG

Looks like he does this to a lot of people.

This guy is a bully who picks on smaller players to feel powerful.

I can't take him on my own, so let's wait and see how the boss wants to proceed.

Thanks for understanding. I wouldn't want to change my name, but if he continues I'll do it, I like my name.

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Hi Ramta,

I'm writing you on behalf of a group of Steemians who recently started a discussion and decision-making forum for STEEM-Investors. And we would gladly see you joining us!

Is there a way to reach you either on Discord or Steem.chat ?


tnx for upvote

alone, warning of enemy attack. gang LOL.

the Vikings never give up, I'm going to recover very quickly from my second account, I will change the strategy for the accounts farms

imagen de ataque en mi cuenta alternativa de Drugwars.png

Hi @ficcion ,
he does not bother you anymore ;)
have a nice day .

thank you morocrof, I send resources as thanks and recover faster your armyenvio para morocroft.png

Applying the message in my spy.

Hi @javiermurillo , If he attacks you , you make me a sign ;)


Hello Boss @ramta
One of your Viking here reporting.
Sent 131700 weapons for Scientific Lab
Sent 122940 Alcohols for Military Academy

Oh Yeah, POWER me up with 3 STEEM

Hello @Farizal
Your STEEM POWER account was 494.762 STEEM and it is now 497.762 STEEM
In your Steemit Wallet HISTORY: Receive 3.000 STEEM POWER from fender

YOU as a Viking deserve Power
@Fender - Head of Security

Hello boss @Ramta,first thank for all you're doing ,you are a very good leader , approximate one week I'm building more troop's and I don't have much resources to contribute to the gang I'm so sorry but security first,now I have 100 mill weapon &92 mill alcohol on my troop's.
As we know all, the weapon is more important to upgrade all building, always we need this weapon,So I'm going first to up building of weapon to level 19 .have a nice day.THANK YOU
"Oh Yeah, POWER me up with 3 STEEM"

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Hello @Morocroft

Your STEEM POWER account was 463.576 STEEM and it is now 466.576 STEEM
In your Steemit Wallet HISTORY: Receive 3.000 STEEM POWER from fender

YOU as a Viking deserve Power
@Fender - Head of Security

Hello Boss @Ramta Reddington
This message is a good thing. I have been writing other things, but shall adopt this form now on.
I am still building up the army, just in case ragnarok is coming!!!

"Oh Yeah, POWER me up with 3 STEEM"
Viking hird 1.jpg

Hello @OneBitNews
Your STEEM POWER account was 1,815.740 STEEM and it is now 1,818.740 STEEM
In your Steemit Wallet HISTORY: Receive 3.000 STEEM POWER from fender

YOU as a Viking deserve Power
@Fender - Head of Security

hello @ramta, thanks for accepting me, my drugwars name's voltron.

Hello big boss @Ramta
Capo EveryDayCoach reporting for duty.
Smart to have a common text to send to players spying!
@Fender does a great job with security:-)
Best regards

Oh Yeah, POWER me up with 3 STEEM

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Hello @EveryDayCoach
Your STEEM POWER account was 3,284.538 STEEM and it is now 3,287.539 STEEM
In your Steemit Wallet HISTORY: Receive 3.000 STEEM POWER from fender

YOU as a Viking deserve Power
@Fender - Head of Security

Aplicando el mensaje de los Vikingos.

Hi @Ramta!
I think that if I send this message at narla.ghelo I am pretty dead :D
Smashed my army few times already for almost no profit.. spying on me now until the next time..

Btw why not having a more private area discussing our strategies instead of giving all info public to enemies?

Oh Yeah, POWER me up with 3 STEEM

Hello @Makishart

Your STEEM POWER account was 2,647.154 STEEM and it is now 2,650.154 STEEM
In your Steemit Wallet HISTORY: Receive 3.000 STEEM POWER from fender

YOU as a Viking deserve Power
@Fender - Head of Security

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