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The famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has published a photo in social media while he is laying down by a unique monument made for him and described how time has changed.

The reason he wrote this short message was not that he is older or is pensioner or poor, but when he was a governor of the state of California in the United States,
he honored the hotel in his region, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been told that he can come to the hotel and has been given a room that he could stay in at any time, but when he left and not longer is California governor, the management of the hotel refused to live him a room and said that he needs to pay as the room is needed by others.

Arnold took bag and placed it in under his Monument and slept, he explained how his life ended.

"When I was the governor of California, I was always honored and when I left, and no longer an important person they forget the promise ."

The purpose of this story is to not trust your position or money or your power because they are not going to last forever.

Remember that when you are in an important position or in charge, everyone is going to be your friend, and there’s nothing last forever.


Well done ..
Yes it was an expressive picture, thank you for sharing this with us
Nice, wonderful post

wow! this life story is so wonderful. thanks for sharing. keep it up

Authenticity BOT!

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Very important very true, mu dad always told me when you found some one every time give a greetin for this person, it is posible that tomorrow they could be your boss or as hengis kan say do not offend a little cat maybe be a son of a tiger.
Always we should and try the person very well independent of their money and position social many thanks for teaching us this great message.
Best regard @galberto

that's what happens when your wife had all the power and you cheat on her and she leaves your ass lol

explanation that nice. I love, we have to remember something we have will end, the prefix there should be a suffix, there is no eternal. thank you a friend

Was he really surprised by that? The best friends you will ever have is those who spend time with you even do your bank account is empty or your out of work and your “friends” don’t have any advantage of been your friend. Take care of the true and real person in your life and treat them well, they will be with you for a lifetime

It is a lesson of life, sometimes we are up and sometimes down.

I remember the word that says "it's better that one hand grabs you when it falls, than many hands grabs you when you're successful.
Your post is a reality of life to be contemplated by everyone. thank you

Funny enough, this is exactly what happens in everyday life. Only a success has friends, and everyone wants to help a hero, but when u drop, u are on your own. Those who don't need help are offered help more than those who need it.

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